who the f@#$ was Leo Baekeland?

‘Leo baekleand you were too good, ‘cuz your product’s way better than wood’ & it is, srsly.

“Plastic”–Stream my L8ezt single

My newest single, “Plastic” takes a look @ our dependence on one of the most versatile and important inventions of all time–plastic. It’s just too fuqqin good, you know? Dial this hit up on any of these streaming platforms (& many others) and reconsider some of that single-use planet-murdering plastic that we just can’t seemContinue reading ““Plastic”–Stream my L8ezt single”


Plastic is………..unfortunately, one of the most effective inventions….ever. it keeps its shape, its durable af and it lasts {litter}ally thousands of years (see what i did there). Here are some unfortunate facts about one of the greatest inventions ever: courtesy of OceanConservancy.org Use of plastics has surpassedĀ allĀ other man-made materials except steel and cement. Global productionContinue reading “PLASTIC!”