tiny desk concerts that make me feel in a big way

OKAY: It’s my twice-weekly attempt to distract you from the misery of the world!! TODAY’S ATTEMPT involves my second favorite intimate artist concert series, the NPR Tiny Desk concerts (BBC Radio One’s Live Lounge sessions is #1–sorry, that’s it).

The following collection of videos makes me feel many types of ways, and each of them bigger than the last. These lil intimate performances make you connect more with your favorite songs as you see watch the artists bring them to life right in front of you, without lights or smoke machines or backup dancers or giant jumbo-tron screens.  Just instruments, their voices, and a whole LOT OF KNICKKNACK-Y THINGS ON THE SHELVES.



And now, here we go:

OF COURSE SHE’S FIRST, Florence + The Machine:

This is honestly one of my most favorite Tiny Desks of all time; their energy is insane and I love it. They’re really doing shit no one else is doing:

Harry Styles. Need I really say anything else?:

Watching Leon Bridges perform is like looking directly into the past–it’s kind of nuts:

This was my first time seeing/hearing/experiencing Anderson .Paak and I was hooked after:

We love a Maggie Rogers moment–a little slower, a little softer, a singer-songwritery moment:

First of all, I love how many instruments are crammed into that tiny space. Second of all, I’m not the biggest Mac Miller fan ( respect the craft, the flow, the vibe) but I really love the performance of these songs:

A bit of a random choice because I’m not really a Paramore stan but I like their vibe, I love Hayley’s voice, and it’s cool to see a band keep their edge in a softer environment:

I feel like I was way more about this because i was binging “Derry Girls” (see 26 shows to make that self-imposed quarantine fly by), which uses a lot of The Cranberries and I was on a Tiny Desk wormhole later that day:

I LOVE CORINNE BAILEY RAE! I mean just look at the joy exuding from her face in this thumbnail:

H.E.R. is one of the most effortlessly cool performers of our generation and I am all about it. I love her juxtaposition of the intimacy with the shield of her dark, dark sunglasses:



Did you feel in a big way? Which made you feel in the biggest way?  For me its a three way tie between Florence + The Machine, Tank and the Bangas, and Harry Styles. The smallest? Probs Paramore but I just enjoy Hayley’s voice so much.

Til the next time I shove shome pop culture in your face,





****I do not own the rights to legit any of the above****