Was that not one of the greatest award show performances you’ve ever watched ever in the entirety your life?

Let me tell you something, when the producer came through and said “Lizzo says take off your robes” my wig consequently flew off as well. I was like “gO OFF bitch!!”


Now, I’m a relatively brand new Lizzo fan…like within the last month. This is the first video I’ve ever watched of her performing live and the fact that she perfectly referenced my most favorite movie of all time throughout “Juice”…Like I have no words, are you serious?!?!


AND she did it so well. It was subtle enough that it wasn’t overkill (though if she literally reenacted the entire movie on stage I probably wouldn’t think that was overkill either). She got the “La”s! She got the dancers! She got the chorus! She got the Holi Spirit!

2019 MTV Movie And TV Awards - Show

To be honest, I’m not a big movie fan in general and since I a) don’t have cable and b) forgot my parent’s AT&T Uverse password so I couldn’t tune in live on the app and c) didn’t explore another option bc I wasn’t that concerned, I wasn’t planning on tuning in. Then, this random girl I met once named Raina texted me about it bc she knows my undying love for Sister Act 2 and award shows, so I went to Twitter, found the video and all I could literally do was smile so hard from ear to ear.

That’s my favorite part about live award show performances–they have a chance like no other to get viewers to have an experience through the screen, to connect with not only the song but also the artist.

Praise Lizzo. Praise Whoopi.


This one goes into the archives along with Florence + The Machine’s 2010 VMA “Dog Days Are Over” performance, Lady Gaga’s 2009 “Paparazzi” performance, Kendrick Lamar’s 2015 (?) Grammys performance, and so many more.

Whoopi approves, I heard.



-chasertheprince, Lizzo fan, Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit stan

the 2016 VMAs & how Drake’s Love for Rihanna stole the show

Pop culture’s biggest night did not let us down, people! AND NEITHER DID KIMYE

The 2016 VMAs did not fail to make me laugh, shed one tear, die, resurrect, die again, resurrect again and roll my eyes so hard; all in one show.

Calvin Harris took home the Best Male Video moonman for THIS IS WHAT YOU CAME FOR,

HOLD UP earned Beyoncé the moonman Best Female Video,

LEMONADE won Best Long Form,

and FORMATION gave the coveted Video of the Year Award to Beyoncé


(see a full list of the winners here)

Though some of my votes and predictions were wrong, i was overall very okay with the recipients (though 5th Harmony’s win was very unexpected..and maybe I’m still not so okay with that one).

The real winners, though, in my opinion, were the fuqqin viewers!! I mean not one but four performances by Rihanna,


a LEMONADE medley that left everyone in the universe dropping to their knees to issue praise unto the goddess that Beyoncé once again proved herself to be,



Britney being Britney (her much-anticipated performance was poorly lip synced)


Nick Jonas serving up bacon,


and Ariana belting it out without missing a beat whilst spinning (think upright bikes, not in circles).

pop sugar has published a full video list of the performances in order, and I encourage every single one of you to:

a) watch Nick Jonas turn New York’s Tick Tock Diner that diner into a poppin club with crazy lights and his song BACON and think about how aktually amazing it would be to go to a club that also served breakfast…and a good breakfast not like a buffet.


b)make sure your affairs are in order and watch Ariana kill SIDE TO SIDE, Beyoncé kill you with her inspiringly perfect performance of LEMONADE, and Rihanna send your soul straight to God with that final performance of STAY, DIAMONDS, and LOVE ON THE BRAIN.

Incase you weren’t fully slain or resurrected by those performances, Drake’s presentation of Rih’s Vanguard award will probably do the trick.

Immediately following Rih’s performance, Drake came out on stage (after being ‘stuck in traffic’ caused him to miss most of the show and the acceptance of two awards) to deliver this love speech that was honestly probably written by one of the Degrassi writers because it was just literally so nice:


i mean, look at the way they look at each other!!!!


Anyway, overall the show was more of a concert than an awards show, but I was definitely okay with it. And i was actually happy about the absence of drama because let’s be honest, the world has been through a lot in 2016 and drama is the last thing we need.

I could have done without Key and Peele and the other commentators, to be honest. I kind of wished that Jimmy Fallon would’ve hosted after his  shot at Ryan Lochte:


Despite the much deserved shade thrown on #Lochtegate,

Drake’s love for Rihanna took center stage at the 2016 VMAs, and that’s important. The main moments of the night weren’t promoting some beef between celebrities but instead they were focused on the skill of performance, true devotion to the craft, and love, and that’s something we need to see and feel these days.