Edmond Election: April 6th

Important elections are taking place APRIL 6. If you live in the City of Edmond, please consider learning more about these candidates and entrusting them with your vote. I believe these are the people Edmond needs at its helm. MAYOR: DARREL DAVIS CITY COUNCIL WARD 3: CHRISTIN MUGG Edmond School Board: LEE ANN KUHLMAN NOTContinue reading “Edmond Election: April 6th”

edmond’s got to grow

As the formerly self-proclaimed prince of Edmond, it’s well past time that I turn my focus from the comforts of living in suburbia to and begin to understand the extreme ~lack~ of those same comforts to citizens of said suburb who happen to have differing skin tones, nationalities, and socioeconomic realities. I’m not quite theContinue reading “edmond’s got to grow”

O come O come Emmanuel

One of my favorite recordings we’ve done for our Christmas CDs is “O Come O Come Emmanuel” hands-down: Carlee’s voice is so insanely good and takes you to a place where you’re really saying okay people Mary and Joseph need a place to STAY they’re having a BBY and he’s THE KING OF THE WORLD.Continue reading “O come O come Emmanuel”


Click HERE to pre-save my newest single, “No Bad Days”, out everywhere June 24th! (which is coincidentally my 9-month birthday) so it’s going to really be a very good day. (or you can also click here) (or HeRe ) (or hErE) Wherever you click, just click HERE and pre-save “NO BAD DAYS”–you won’t regret it.     -chasertheprince


LISTEN UP, PEOPLE! Edmond’s largest charitable run, the RED Day Run, will be held in Downtown Edmond May 11. I’ve been working very diligently on all the publicity for this bb and i can’t wait to see it through.  This year, we’re poised to give out $150,000 to seven local nonprofits.  These include:  Wings SpecialContinue reading “RED DAY RUN X CHASERTHEPRINCE”

Millennials Are Dope As Shit, so suck it.

Don’t make me say it again but you know i will. I’m shouting that shit from the rooftops bc millennials aren’t just winey pieces of shit spending all of our money on avocado toast (just SOME of our money, dumbasses) kind of like how every generation before has WASTED NEARLY EVERY TAX DOLLAR THEY’VE EVERContinue reading “Millennials Are Dope As Shit, so suck it.”