Edmond Election: April 6th

Important elections are taking place APRIL 6. If you live in the City of Edmond, please consider learning more about these candidates and entrusting them with your vote. I believe these are the people Edmond needs at its helm.



Edmond School Board: LEE ANN KUHLMAN





The city has put together this wonderful question and answer forum for the candidates. Peruse their answers and see which line up with the Edmond you’d like to see.



evermore: a review


I actually enjoyed most of Evermore immensely from the first moment I pressed play. [my knuckles pain me for typing that, but I must be a beacon of truth]

Truthfully I have always thought of the 🐍 as an excellent songwriter, she’s just *not* the kind of bitch I really ever want to hang out with. Ever. Main character syndrome meets the perpetual victim, you know!?

Anyway, I digress.

This album is a vibe. The light, swirling, Americana-adjacent vibe the end of 2020 needed. So much better than Folklore. Like so, so much better than Folklore in my opinion. Just different I guess, but I wasn’t into the lore.

From the opening guitar on “Willow” to the bonus tracks added January 7th, there’s Swift penned hit after hit and I’m here for some of it!!!!

The following are my favorites from the album. I seriously hate “Tolerate It” or whatever. Like 100% could be removed from the whole universe tomorrow and the universe may be better for it? The line “my love should be celebrated” or whatever is just like, so….well, see paragraph 3, third sentence above.

OTHER THAN THAT, it’s good, it’s a vibe, Taylor stays in the pocket she should: soft singing, and delivers.


The instrumentation alone is enough to make this one of my favorite songs of 2020. Wreck my plans, bb, please.


From the moment I heard this song on, I have been referring to all of my problems as “champagne problems” and honestly it makes them so much easier to deal with.


The excitement that the verses build. I mean. It really makes me feel like I’m driving through the woods with my beautiful as fuqq lover. And it also makes me think about myself with that gorgeous line “WHAT MUST IT BE LIKE TO GROW UP THAT BEAUTIFUL, WITH YOUR HAIR FALLING INTO PLACE LIKE DOMINOS.” LMAO jk i wasn’t this beautiful from day one, i earned this shit.


An evolved “Goodbye Earl”. I’m here for it. Songs that begin with sirens kind of frustrate me, but it was appropriate so I’ll let her have that one. Love it, truly.


I like the bouncing chorus, it makes me think of a sweet little old lady I used to know named Dorothy.


I love the metaphor of being covered in someone else like ivy covers a building. I love the “oh, goddamn, my pain fits in the palm of your freeing hand”. Taylor Swift has a way of putting things.

Right where YOU left me

I mean this is quickly headed toward “i am nothing without the emotional reactions you cause me”, but i like the beat and the melody. This girl is always being left with no choice other than acting in a way that she can’t control….but it’s chill. I like the song lol.

And there you have it, my favorite songs from EVERMORE and truly, no one was more surprised in my enjoyment than me. I haven’t liked a Taylor Swift song since “Look What You Made Me Do” became the club bop of club bops. Even then I was still annoyed, like take responsibility for one action, please Miss Swift.

I’ve read rumors of a third album dropping soon, so it’ll be interesting to see what comes of it. Maybe I’ll even review that one as well.



what i’m watching:

dickinson: season 2 | apple tv

It’s a slightly edgy take on the life of America’s most captivating hermit, Emily Dickinson. Hailee Steinfeld delivers a complex yet contemporary Emily and I enjoy it. Who knew Emily Dickinson was a champion baker? I do now. I guess you do as well, so congrats. Season 2 just dropped a couple of weeks ago so get on it!


OKAY BITCHES WE BACK! Nicole Kidman is just perfect, I will say. Plus, we love shows about ridiculously wealthy New Yorkers!! It’s the only time NYC truly looks hospitable. I had been hearing people talk about this show and truthfully I’m not sure what made me wait so long to start it but I’m glad I at least had the forethought to wait until the whole series had dropped so there was no waiting til next Sunday to see how it all pans out. I promise through the whole first episode I was like “WHO is this bitch and WHY the eyes?!?!?”, but one quickly comes to understand as the episodes unfold.

Pretend it’s a city | netflix

Martin Scorsese directs and support-stars in this 7 or 8 episode look at Fran Lebowitz’ New York. First of all, I didn’t really know Fran Lebowitz until I watched this, much like I didn’t know Joan Didion til I watched the documentary on her [HELLO THIS IS WHY DOCUMENTARIES AND DOCUMENTARY-STYLE PROJECTS ARE WILDLY IMPORTANT!!!] Anyway, she’s amazing. She’s got a bucket full of opinions on everything, much like I do, and she hates everyone, much like I do. Wow. How she survives with all those people around her I will never know. But seriously. I watched it in one sitting. It’s riveting, hilarious, I learned so much, and Scorsese directs it so you know it’s overdone in terms of documentary shots. So good.


I missed the Kaley Cuoco of “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughters” and let me tell you, it’s like that bitch grew up and became a flight attendant!!!! and she coped with her father’s premature death by way of grocery-store-heart-attack by becoming an alcoholic 😬 not the healthiest BUT it created this character so we’re running with it! It’s based on a book I believe, so if you’re so inclined pick it up! If not this series is great. It’s lighthearted but with a few heavy moments sprinkled in at a pace you can deal with. The characters are all super fun and truly there are so many twists and turns it very easily keeps one entertained.

the bee gees: how can you mend a broken heart | hbo max

I’ll not lie; I cried. I knew so little about the Bee Gees other than their disco music and THERE’S SO MUCH MORE. First of all, the vibes. THE VIBES. The outfits. THE OUTFITS. The music. THE MUSIC. It’s so cool to see their evolution from Beatles-sounding boy band to disco vibes to literally writing ISLANDS IN THE STREAM!! And literally everything in between. It made me v mad I missed my audition for a Bee Gees cover band in LA because of my stupid marijuana brand ambassador job [RIP]…though truthfully I don’t know that I could sing solely in my falsetto for that long. Anyway, I 100% recommend this okay, even if you literally ignore the entirety of this post, please just watch this doc. it’s so worth it.

Black Monday | Showtime

It’s a fictionalized account of 1987’s Black Monday [yet another time when the stock market plummeted] and I srsly wish this is what truly happened. I mean not because I want it to have happened but because it did happen and for some ridiculously stupid reason like in the show so at least I know what went into the motivation behind imploding the stock market for jeans…Anyway, the show is cast well and just done really well. Think Wolf of Wall Street but with less white people and much funnier. Definitely recommend, season 3 is set to drop sometime this year.


When Meryl Streep invites you on a cruise, you go. You don’t ask questions, you pack your bag and go. So she’s an American author who’s won an award in London and she has a crippling fear of flying. Her publisher/agent/idk who comes up with the idea to send her on the Queen Mary across the Atlantic and she obliges, if she can bring her two bffs. Two bffs, mind you, she hasn’t spoken to in years. It’s an interesting lil movie, I enjoyed it. Full of surprises, like women of a certain age tend to be. Watch it!


Let me tell you something: I did *not* expect this show to be what it is. I mean it’s called “I Love Dick” so I could’ve taken the hint but I did not. It’s a dope show, though. Centered around the guy everyone wants to fuck or be, Dick. Dick Marshall, I want to say. Not going to look it up. Anyway, Dick is an artist and created this creative compound for artists in Marfa, Texas. Katharyn Hahn is the lead and I just love her. She’s just so good and real and raw and funny and weird and she’s just good. A short series with short episodes, so get to it!

better THINGS | hulu

It’s a sweet show. It’s about a working actress single mom living with her three daughters in Los Angeles. I watch this show at a different pace because it’s so different…I don’t mean like in editing or in style, just in writing. I haven’t really encountered a show like it and can’t compare…To me it’s kind of groundbreaking because it’s unfamiliar ground being trod in each episode, in each character’s life. It’s interesting. It’s weirdly comforting even though there’s so much chaos. I don’t know, give it a spin and maybe you’ll see what I mean.


I went to start the series and realized I had actually….already…watched it….in its entirety? And I had no recollection of it whatsoever. You may be thinking “😬 that probably says enough about it”, you may be surprised! It’s one of those shows that just addresses so much while taking the piss out of everything but also while reluctantly trampling the tropes that put the main character in the obscurity she is *not* so desperate to leave. It’s intriguing. You should give it a spin.


It’s a critical profile of one of America’s most beloved presidents, and rightfully so…Honestly…why was the so beloved? He ignored AIDs??? He ran on racism?? He was the mouthpiece for millionaires? He was just pissed at the Kennedys for going after GE/MCA??? He had a deep-seated belief that if it’s good for business, it’s good for everyone and I truly think that formed every view he had. Verrry interesting. They say politics is show business for ugly people…and though he wasn’t ugly, I feel like he realized such insane popularity when in competition with boring ass, stuffy ass, old ass, politicians. I just question going from an open mind to a closed mind in one’s life because it should evolve the opposite way in my opinion, but who am I?! Anyway, less impressed. But good show! Watch if you just kind of want to be annoyed but also want some fact-weapons to deploy against your “Reagan Republican” family members, you know what I mean?


Listen, I just now binged both of the special episodes they released and I am…..broken. Not really because I also watched the behind the scenes extras that played after each episode and realized like yes okay honestly their breakup is for the best because right now they have some shit to work through personally. I love that they touched on the fact that they had to figure out something slightly different in terms of format for these episodes due to COVID, which is why we have more of a one-scene kind of feel to Rue’s episode. You can tell restrictions had lifted a bit for Jules’ because you see a lot more of the quick-sequence of a multitude of shots in different places with different lighting, etc. You won’t be disappointed by these episodes, just heartbroken and destroyed. Definitely recommend.

The Happiest Season | hulu

Nice holiday film, I did not expect the whole coming of age and coming on out aspect but picked it up as soon as they were in the car on the way to her parents home for Christmas. The casting was extremely well done, everyone is believable and funny and hello Kristin Stewart actually decided to act!! Daniel Levy is just so good. Aubrey Plaza is everything always. Overall, a good watch!!

i tried to watch:

bridgerton | netflix

People who like this show::: Why? I mean I get it but it’s still just lacking for me somehow. Don’t get me wrong, the-Duke’s-inability-to-cum-inside-his-bride-because-he’s-trying-to-spite-his-father is a great first season plot line, supported by a million smaller plots of the same exact nature: arranging marriages; and then somehow centered around a Baroque Dan Humphreys character who’s spilling the tea everywhere. A lot is going on while nothing is happening. I will say that I love the Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella style diversity in casting. The sets and backdrops are fucking beautiful. Overall it’s an okay watch but it’s just not what I had expected, honestly. I’ve heard rumors that it’s been extended for 8 seasons so, we’ll see.


It’s not a bad show to have on in the background, you know? It’s a Bravo scripted series so you know, take that as it is. I will say, I did not expect pretty much anything that was going on. I will blame that largely on the fact that just watch the main girl act for three seconds and you’re like huh? What’s all the hype about? Why is everyone so obsessed? How do I become such a successful scam artist??

yearly departed | prime

In theory it’s a very clever idea. In execution, it misses the mark. I wish it had been more of a Comedy Central Roast of 2020 instead? I feel like that kind of vibe just would’ve been better. I wanted to like the comediennes, especially Ms. Maisel but she just proved not to be so marvelous. In her defense, her topic was pants. Overall, not good. Didn’t finish.

i can’t stop watching:


Truthfully hilarious. Created by former “The Office” writer, Justin Spitzer, it follows a hilarious gang of ppl you want to work with as they live their lives and work retail at a big box store. It’s seriously so funny you will not be disappointed. Every character is so well done. HOT TIP – Season 1, while funny, is not the absolute best. Superstore sort of reboots itself with the second season, so you honestly could start there and not really miss anything. I do love that Cheyenne has her baby, Harmonica, twice. Once in the season 1 finale, and once in like episode 2 of season 2.


Talk about a police department I would fund!!! This show is so fucking funny. A staple…I didn’t watch the reboot on Quibi bc watching tv on my phone???? but I bet it was funny. Not funny enough to keep Quibi going, but funny nonetheless. So, so funny nonetheless.

So, there you go!

Listen, I know I just dove right into the list with no lil introduction or anything but in 2021, we’re getting to the fucking point. So, anyway, I hope this curated list brings you your favorite binge of 2021.

Enjoy or don’t — it’s your life!!



I’ll say it: 2020 Miley is the most fucking impressive Miley to date.

Her covers. Her haircut. Her activism. Her ALBUM.

Miley dropped her 7th studio album as herself (I think her 17th if we add in Hannah Montana’s multiple albums and concert & movie soundtracks) November 27th, 2020 and I’ve had it on repeat ever since.

Let me just say, this is the record & the vibe I’ve been waiting for from Miley! We got a taste of this with her single “Slide Away”, and again in “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart”, but it’s fully fledged, fully developed, fully badass. In my opinion, these are some of her most sophisticated lyrics, her most developed ideas, her best vocals. Not to fuqqin mention the incredible covers she’s served up in doing press for this album [ I couldn’t help but include them at the end]. Rocker Miley is the Miley 2020 needed.

Ever since the Gypsy Heart era, I knew this bitch was meant to release some sort of rock album, mainly because she said that she fucking wanted to release a rock album. Her voice perfect for it, her vibe is killer. I mean this became one of my most favorite Miley albums from my very first listen.

And a first-listen-love, shit is rare!

Also this is a side note, but I really do like the hair. It’s a vibe. Not one I could pull off, but she’s got it.

Without further ado, here’s my review of Miley’s groundbreaking Plastic Hearts:

WTF DO I KNOW: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The bass line opens the album and truthfully it’s fantastic, sexy, makes you want to rev your engine–that kind of thing. She really couldn’t have picked a better song to lead her album in my humble opinion. It sets the scene, it paints a pic of who she’s been and who she is now. An instant departure from her pop tracks of the past, it sets the pace for the consecutive tracks so well.


“Sunny place with shady people”, baby. It sums up life in Los Angeles pretty well. The beat is reminiscent of “All Right Here”, an incredibly important hit. Reminds me a bit of a Jungle-Book-esque kind of fun, bouncing beat. Kind of feels like we’re roller-blading down the Venice boardwalk, dodging the shady bitches, engaging with the crazy bitches, and enjoying our lives.


She’s like: don’t get it twisted. You can’t fly down here… this hit packs a punch musically but mainly in the lyrics. I really like the way the song pans from right to left with the beginning notes. “I’m everything they said I would be” is such a fuckin intense line to me. Introspectively it’s a little heartbreaking. Extra-spectively it’s heartbreaking [not a word I don’t think but I dig it and so can you]. To me this song is layered and sad, but can almost pass as just a nice song calling someone an angel because of the tone, if that makes sense? The solitude of the video as well as her pretty much solely laying on her stomach invokes some garden of Eden slithering, reinforcing the border between angels and those who fly down there with her.

PRISONER ft. dua lipa: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

It’s the radio hit we need! I did kind of think it invokes Olivia Newton John’s iconic “Physical” from like, you know, beat one, but all great beats are regurgitated. I’m happy the We also have a video to review — bloodier than I thought it would be?! The second single release from the album, “Prisoner” keeps Miley on the pop charts.


What can I say except give the gir what she wants!! Very dope beat / rhythm combo, definitely invokes a pedal-to-the-metal, moon roof open, vape sucking kind of midnight drive. It’s sexy without being revealing or raunchy. It’s a short song, packs a punch. Leads very nicely into the next track.

NIGHT CRAWLING ft. Billy Idol:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

GOTTA LISTEN WHEN THE DEVIL’S CALLING, okay?! Love it. The edge, the drama, Billy Idol. It feels kind of like an ’80s horror rock hit. Perfect for an elevated haunted house theme. I absolutely love the tone of Miley’s voice in this song. Billy Idol adds so much to the song as well. I love the choice in collaborators.


The lead single from the album. I 100% always mix the bridge from “Don’t Call Me Angel” into the bridge of this song because it honestly fits so well. Similar vibe, similar structure, similar melodies. In hindsight of the album, this was a great single to release first because it’s a great intro into the pop-rock moment Plastic Hearts occupies so well. It’s good, don’t get me wrong, but not my favorite from the album.


Like is anyone else getting some like Bret Michaels slow rock, country vibes from this? Obviously not like nitty gritty Bret Michaels but like the vibe. Lucinda Williams adjacent? With an injection of pure pop princess? It’s simple and codependent. I love the line “in my head I did my very best saying goodbye”, because wow. I like that she chose to use a small chorus for some body and depth.

HATE ME: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I love the instrumentation in the song, the way it feels warm but removed. She sings it so well. I love that they edited it to feel as though there are multiple Mileys singing “I wonder what would happen if I died, I hope all of my friends get drunk and high. Would it be too hard to say goodbye, I hope that it’s enough to make you cry. Maybe that day you won’t hate me.” It’s heavy but somehow withheld?

BAD KARMA ft. joan jett:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Instantly one of my favorites because I, too, “never learn my lesson” & end up doing everything twice. Also I’ve been waiting for another Joan Jett collab since their Happy Hippie Backyard Sessions cover of “Different”. “Bad Karma” is so, so much better though. The breaths!! I love a song with strategically utilized breathing.

NEVER BE ME: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

ARE YOU LISTENING? The self awareness is next level. This feels eerily similar to every single time I analyze every aspect of what and who I am as it relates to the people in my life. However, I am flighty as fuck so “If you think I’m someone to get up and leave” YUP THAT’S ME (that’s so Raven voice)….anyway, It’s a solid song, I like it, but it’s truthfully my least favorite from the album.

GOLDEN G STRING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

One really should go check out the Apple Music backyard session for this because every single part of it is just so well done, the staging, the costumes, everything. Beyond that performance, the song is peak Miley. Specifically, Dead Petz Miley mashing seamlessly with rock country and it is everything. Fuck up the patriarchy, Miles.

EDGE OF MIDNIGHT ft. Stevie Nicks ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I think they did a really nice job with this! It’s different than I would’ve imagined more mashed than remixed. I’m a slut for Stevie Nicks, and while i do wish they would’ve just collab-ed on a separate song, I’ll take it. Plus, after wearing out “Midnight Sky” it’s a welcome switch-up.


HEART OF GLASS (Live from the iHeart Festival) 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Her. Voice. This became a widely-used sound on TikTok and definitely replaced the original version in any corner of my head.

ZOMBIE 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

The final track of the album and one of the early single releases. Her VOICE.




Another not on the album but performed in promotion of the album, these covers kill.






[NOT ON THE ALBUM BUT PERFORMED IN PROMOTION OF THE ALBUM] So good. So good. Better than the original, 13/10.

SWEET JANE [Velvet Underground COVER] 🌟🌟🌟


gimmie more [britney spears cover] 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟



So there you have it. Overall, I’m giving Plastic Hearts 7/5 stars!! It’s so good. So, so good. Give it a spin TODAY if you haven’t already, I promise you won’t regret a second.


edmond’s got to grow

As the formerly self-proclaimed prince of Edmond, it’s well past time that I turn my focus from the comforts of living in suburbia to and begin to understand the extreme ~lack~ of those same comforts to citizens of said suburb who happen to have differing skin tones, nationalities, and socioeconomic realities.

I’m not quite the type to renounce my self-appointed title, so instead I’m going to use it, coupled with my white privilege, to shed some light on a very real problem and, hopefully, start to effect some change.

And like, to be quite honest, I don’t want to be the prince of this version of Edmond–the unfortunately very real version of Edmond.

The version where the umpteen college degrees aren’t enough to enlighten this population to the simple fact that other people matter.

It’s such a simple concept and yet, here we are.

The version where Black Edmondite, Isaiah Lewis, was murdered by an officer of the Edmond Police Department.

There is no body cam footage of the event.

DA Prater said in his findings that Officer Scherman “was acting pursuant to Oklahoma when he shot Isaiah Lewis to defend himself and Sgt. Milo Box.”

I’ll back up a second and offer this – I went to college with Mr. Scherman. I never found him to be an unpleasant person, in fact, he was pretty chill. I wouldn’t even call him a bad apple, but joining a police force that


the murder of the citizens that same police force swears to “serve and protect” perhaps created an environment where he, a ‘good apple’, could spoil.

I used to joke that the $36 Million Edmond Police Department was truly our particular brand of police brutality but the truth of the matter, is, unfortunately, like everywhere else in the country, police brutality is our particular brand of police brutality.

Personally, I will never again vote for additional resources to be allocated to the police department.

I am 100% in favor of defunding the militaristic police forces at work in Edmond and the reallocation of those funds to policies, procedures, and persons actually trained in dealing with those with mental health issues, the homeless, the domestic abuse cases, the domestic disturbance cases, and many other day to day events which turn violent because of the presence of heavily armed police officers whose training for deescalating a situation pails in comparison to most customer service rep training.

We are seeing an interesting phenomenon right now across the country: a continuation and escalation of police brutality against the citizens those police officers swear to serve and protect, while those citizens are protesting the EXTREME and oftentimes senseless BRUTALITY perpetrated by police against, I’ll say it again, the citizens they swear to “serve and protect”.

Couple this with a dramatic and months-long refusal to enforce a mandatory mask policy during a pandemic in which 170,000+ Americans have died.

So, what? Why bring this up?

We have a duty to elect people in every position – municipally, county-wide, state-level, and national representatives who are committed to changing the way our communities are policed.

We also have a duty to elect officials who believe in science and do not bow to those believing whole-heartedly the solutions to all of today’s problems lie in the pages of a *v selectively* assembled collection of incredulously misinterpreted messages from random men with ~power complexes~ claiming to be from God which they refer to as the bible.

We have a duty to hold our elected officials accountable for the failures of the system and their failures to recognize the corruption in the system.

In Edmond particularly, I am calling on the reasonable to educate those less so. And to VOTE! Vote all the way down to the local level.

Make your voice heard, starting from your local greviences. City councilmen & women are surprisingly accessible and our first line of politicians close enough to us to listen. This link will take you to a Google Doc full of contact information for all of Edmond’s major politicians and city departments. Make your voice heard.

Get your parents, the doctors daddies, the lawgivers mommies, the judges, the business executives to advocate for change within the system. Urge your parents to listen without feeling attacked, to rise above their internalized prejudices and recognize them when they slip. Get them to intentionally hire people of color; get them to offer internships, externships, shadowing, etc. to people of color. Get them to challenge the systems that allowed them to prosper while keeping others from the same social mobility. Get them to ensure that the companies they own or work for are not perpetuating policies introduced out of bias: acceptance of natural hair and traditional dress, acceptance of vernacular English, observance of cultural customs, holidays, and traditions, etc.

On a personal level, lift up your friends of color. Become the networking lightening rod for the companies you know need talent and the talent that needs representation.

I’m calling on the reasonable to normalize being “wrong” and learning from it. We’re all growing, learning, and shedding biases we didn’t realize we had–and for some of us, those we actually 100% knew we had but have come to a new conclusion because they were given evidence in a manner which broke through to us.

Every day and every interaction is an opportunity to practice empathy for humanity and LEARN about the other people who occupy the planet with you, Don’t let those opportunities go to waste.

Change will only occur if we are intentional.

And, while I’m up here on this soapbox, I will say this:

‪If you support Donald, and intend to re-elect him, know that in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS THAT You are actively engaging in perpetuating lies to the American people, you are complacent in the destruction of the American Representative Republic & the Constitution of the United States of America. ‬

In my heart of heart, I hope most people understand the ridiculosity and danger donald represents, but I think truthfully too large a percentage of the population – including many that I know and am related to – are too ready to get down on their knees, suck whatever bullshit comes out of donald, and swallow it into their belief system.

If you are one of those people, read a fucking history book. Seek out two additional news sources with which to check what you hear on Fox News, and also grow some respect for humanity.

All of this to say, Edmond can’t tout that it’s a “Great Place to Grow” until it truly is a great place to grow for every single citizen & passerby of every class, creed, color, gender, orientation, hair color, eye color, etc.


**note: i do not own any of the above images and found all information online through multiple sources, all of which are hyperlinked in the article.***

26 shows to make that self-imposed quarantine fly by

Self imposed quarantine got you down? Here’s 26 of my favorite shows of the moment to help that isolation fly right by!

Suddenly, my superpower of being able to binge an entire series in usually just a couple of days has finally come in handy–and it only took a global pandemic to make it so!!



a) This post is part of an ever evolving list of my favorite television shows, documentaries, and limited series that consistently made me laugh out loud, cry, be super fuqqin angry, and super sad and super happy all at the same time.

b) For more of what to watch, check out my previous posts here:

In Honor of the 2018 Emmy Noms Here are the Shows You Need to Binge ASAP

What to Watch

c) Also, it’s late, but it comes at a BRILLIANT time. If you are even the slightest bit tuned into pop culture, there’s a good chance you’ve watched a lot of these already. At the very least “Fleabag”. If not, you’re in luck–you’re why I did this so study up, kid!

I did started writing this eons ago but wanted as complete of a list as possible for viewers of all flavors. Plus I just, I don’t know, got distracted? However, now with that virus hanging around and canceling plans left and RIGHT, I thought the time never more appropriate.

Get those streaming subscriptions ready and dive right in to these wholly entertaining series:

FLEABAG – (AMAZON PRIME)**fleabag-amazon-season-2-canceled-renewed-season-3-590x224

Absolutely hilarious. Absolutely real. Just fucking amazing to be honest. Nominated for a whopping 11 Emmys, this show is pure gold, people. It’s filling the void in my soul that VEEP left and for that I am ever grateful. I have loved Phoebe Waller-Bridge since I watched the seriously-robbed-with-only-one-season-though-i-know-the-whole-purpose-of-the-show-is-very-fleeting-and-temporary-so-it-makes-sense-“Crashing”. At the time I didn’t realize what a badass she was and I am actively  obsessed with her to make up for lost time.

She is absolutely GENIUS. The show will take you on a ride that only your sense of humor will bail you out of.



It follows 4 catholic girls & one English catholic boy who attend an all girls school in Derry, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom during the end of The Troubles. It’s cool because that’s a conflict I didn’t know much about / couldn’t really imagine what it would’ve been like, and this show, while obviously not a documentary lmao, sheds light into what normal life would’ve been like for Northern Irish Catholics. Plus it’s stupid funny. It only takes like two episodes to grasp the pentameter and pronunciation and you’re like golden.



It’s the show everyone was talking about. First of all, if my high school experience was anything similar to this, I can’t even imagine the kind of boring person I would be now–i mean srsly what is left?! But this show is so brutal and honest and uncomfortable at times and completely uplifting for a moment and completely devastating–it’s quite the ride in every way but it’s worth it.

AVENUE 5 – (HBO)Avenue 5 series premiere billboard

I couldn’t find a poster that would work so I had to use this pic of the billboard lmaoooo. However–I really enjoy this series! Right now we’re only 4 episodes in but I’m into it. It’s a lighthearted space show which is nice because the galactic genre has always been so heavy. Not nearly as funny as VEEP but you can certainly pick up the similarities in the writing. Definitely worth climbing aboard and giving it like at least a two episode trial.

THE POLITICIAN – (NETFLIX)the-politician-netflix-season-2-1

Talk. About. Drama. And also, Gwyneth Paltrow is so good in general but like damn good in this as a billionaire mother (the role she was born to play in real life anyway). I also love that they never reference the fact that like in addition to doing all these extra curriculars and being hell bent on becoming the president and having a perfect grade point average and an enormous amount of money, he can also sing like really well, and he does a few times through the season. It’s definitely worth a spin.



So, I’m giving HULU an extended spin and I am srsly into it. I love Zoe Kravitz so it didn’t take much convincing at ALL to click play on this show. I love it. It’s beautiful. It’s lonely. It’s healing? It’s raw. It makes me want to move to New York and be aloof and make therapeutic playlists. But it also makes me think of my 5 top heartbreaks and, well, really I maybe only have one?



So I have no idea how many episodes Apple+ will let you watch without finally giving in and getting a membership, but so far I’ve watched 3 episodes of this bad boy and I’m hooked. I will say I’m not head over heels for Reese Witherspoon’s character, but legit I’ll love anything Jennifer Aniston does. The writing is solid, it’s all very believable and shot well…And I love the insights and position the show is taking on the whole scandalous world of morning talk show men and their shortcomings–and how they deal with them.



I’m not in the business of lying so I will be upfront and say it’s a touch slow. However, it is a) fucking gorgeously costumed, wonderfully set, beautifully filmed, incredibly acted–I mean come on it’s Dame Helen Mirren playing my third fave historical figure, Catherine the Great–What more could you as a human want or need? PLUS it’s in English which is a plus considering the Amazon series I posted about in version 1 of Here are the shows you need to binge ASAP” was in Russian, German, and French.


Carlee and I are OBSESSED with this pinnacle of Food Network programming. 13 middle-school-aged children compete for the title of Kid’s Baking Champion by baking the challenge of the week: ie, splatter paint cakes, desserts that look like main course food but it’s all sweet and delicious, macarons (dude this just kills them all) and so much more. It’s hilarious. Everytime one of those awkward kids makes a mistake and starts crying I just fuqqin lose it.

But honestly, kudos to them because they are just like using their brain and their taste buds to create shit and I’m still, at 26 years of age, referencing the back of the chocolate chip bag to figure out how the fuqq to make cookies.



Well, really, all I have to say is that this shit is crazy on like every single level. Absolutely, without a doubt, hands down a must watch! It’s literally got everything–intrigue, drama, violence, sex, food, Italians–so many Italians. And also, it’s so simple. Like the whole thing–so simple, so easy to overlook.



I found this particularly interesting because it’s insight into a political dynasty that’s very real, I mean the 2000 election was the first I remembered experiencing, and what a moment that was for the Bush family you know what I mean–everyone was involved in that–Jeb, George Sr. I legit thought they were just like some family from Texas and that is all she wrote. But let me just tell you–nope.



You know I just can never get enough of anything having to do with the royal fam, and especially in these Megxit times, my interest is certainly PIQUED! It’s not revealing anything I didn’t already know, but new people talking about it, new video clips, etc. It airs every Sunday at 9:00 Central.

ATYPICAL – (Netflix)


Initially, I did not believe I would really be into this show–the dad isn’t one of my preferred actors, I don’t like uncomfortable situations in TV shows and I really can’t stand when people are bullied on TV and it’s passed like being funny, you know? I am all about the humor if everyone’s in on it. Anyway, with that all being said, I gave it a spin and had it on in the background while I was doing some menial tasks and actually quite enjoyed it. Admittedly I have only finished season 1 and then switched shows but I’ll make my way back ’round.



I’m going to throw this out there and say that this is probably exactly what it’s like in the houses of televangelists and those in charge of the megachurches. Sometimes I can’t handle it but other times I’m into it. Plus it’s just so comical to me because it’s so like Oklahoma christians. 



I mean, the cast. Reese Witherspoon in late 90s prepware; Kerry Washington serving nonstop unobstructed views of her collar bones. Planned communities. I wasn’t like 100% convinced I really wanted to watch a show with such an intensely boring yet definitely smoldering underlying story line but I’m into it.



Okay I related to this show on another level. Coming from a real estate family, one day my job will be to collect some rent on the rentals we have–yes, lil ol’ frail ass ol’ me going around like plz sir will you pay me your rent haha oh you don’t have it oh I’ll come back? idk– Traditionally, this was seen as the Lord of the Manor’s job, the man of the family. Anne Lister (a real-ass bad ass woman) decided she would take on the role of collecting rents for her family’s inherited home, Shibden Hall. Things get a bit more prickly when she decides to take a wife–this is 1832 England, after all. We stan this trailblazing lesbian Lord.



A little fucked up but so good. I am including this even though it’s featured in ‘the shows you need to binge ASAP”  because I wanted to make sure people didn’t forget about it because season 2 dropped! It’s dark but so is the world, you know? . This is one of those shows where the ambiguous ending of Season 1 left was honestly perfect. It could’ve completely ended there or continued on, and, in my v humble opinion, they extended the story line beautifully with the addition of Bonnie.



Alligators. Mid level marketing. Pyramid Schemes. Pelicans. Water parks. Splashercize. Kool Aid. I think those pretty much sum this series up, and I am totally into it not even kidding. It’s a touch slow, but it’s honestly so honest about the world of product peddlers. And especially in this day of Instagram pyramid scheme wanna be influencers every other tap of our screen, it is pretty relatable.



When you think classic American luxury, only one name comes to mind. Ralph Lauren. With ‘Very Ralph’ we get a glimpse into the iconic Americana world of Ralph Lifshitz and the brand he built as Ralph Lauren. From US Polo Association to Polo, to Polo Ralph Lauren, to Ralph Lauren, to Green Label, to Black Label, to Purple Label.  The advertising campaigns that watch like films–home films from the family beach house in The Hamptons. He has never shied away from having people of color wear his gorgeous garments in his international ad campaigns—something i think is iconically american at its most true center? So good.



This is what we’re made of you guys. A very interesting lil series about tastemakers and game changers in the fashion world from this side of the Atlantic. It’s also very, very interesting to see how politics and war and religion and sex all combine in textiles and what we collectively go through as a people is then directly reflected in what we put on our bodies!! v interesting.



I’ll say it: i’m normally way more of a comedy bitch, but something about a nice cocktail  of dayquil, nyquil, a steroid pack, and some other medicinal components put me in a weird mood and I decided to indulge myself in a more stalkery reboot of Dan Humphreys. Let me tell you: I. was. enthralled. First of all, sure, Beck is cute but let’s be honest, that long wool tweed coat & her friendship with Peach are the best parts about her. And season 2?! Some next level shit, truly. I kind of think I’d fall victim to him pretty quickly too…(I’d love the attention to detail).



Normally I cannot handle scary things especially real-life scary things, so this was a bit left field for me as far as binging choices go. HOWEVER, when danger calls thrice, see if they’ll call a fourth and then definitely say yes. And there we were, 4 calls. So, I fuqqin answered. It’s insane. There are twists. There are turns. (and i’m not just talking about the stabbing technique of the asshole who killed cats and a PUPPY and also a human. A must watch, if only to realize the power of a few hundred websurfing wannabe Sherlocks doing daily post-work Pope & Associates-level intel-gathering.



So, it’s kind of got the energy of Barbara Strisand in “Meet the Fockers” mixed with  that Charlie Bartlett movie from a few years ago, and then poured over a steep glass of the British Isles to be honest. It’s exactly the same and yet a lot different than I expected it to be but funny and I definitely enjoyed it. 8/10 would recommend.



First of all, Lil Dicky’s “Earth” was one of my favorite releases of 2019. Second of all, I was a lil unsure that i’d be into the show since i tend to lean toward series with strong female leads. However, it’s really, really good actually. It’s funny, a lil poignant in its own way, and is like a pretty interesting mockumentary-type series about a c-level celebrity. I don’t really understand how they are doing the rollout but there are a few (like 4 maybe?) episodes available to binge now.



Not going to lie, it took me a couple go-rounds to actually get invested…or really to even like it but sometimes it is literally so funny and those moments gave me the faith I needed to tune in repeatedly. Like an actually funny ‘Big Bang Theory’?


And, last but certainly not least,



It is…so stupid. Occasionally, so intensely hilarious. It’s absolutely worth a spin of like two episodes and you’ll be more or less hooked to find out if they are, in fact, police officer-doctors or doctor-police officers. Plus the cast is honestly kind of a who’s who of off the wall comedy shows. If only they were in charge of soling this COVID crisis–we’d honestly probably be in the same boat but at least it would be funny.


So, okay, there you have it! Now that the ever expanding streaming universe is spitting out entire solar systems of new series, don’t fear–there’s enough streamable content to last us through this time of social distancing!

Stay healthy in there, okay?




O come O come Emmanuel

One of my favorite recordings we’ve done for our Christmas CDs is “O Come O Come Emmanuel” hands-down:

Carlee’s voice is so insanely good and takes you to a place where you’re really saying okay people Mary and Joseph need a place to STAY they’re having a BBY and he’s THE KING OF THE WORLD.

You know what I mean?

So that’s more exciting for some of you than it is for others.

Below are more links to listen wherever/however you stream music!!






Enjoy! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! All the things! And all the happiness to you and yours this season!!



Two Days in PARK CITY

Okay people, we’re about to talk about one of my favorite places on the planet–a tiny mountain enclave of rustic luxury tucked just 2,774 feet above and to the east of  Salt Lake City.


I’ve skied here a few times in middle and high school, but kept coming back for the CULTURE and the VIEWS and my COUSIN who, it just so happens, moved there a few years ago.

I’ve been there 4 times this year you guys. A minor obsession maybe? IDK I mean look how pretty though!!!


Anyway, below is a short list of my fave things to experience/do/see/instagram in Park City.


Main Street is the  old hub of this picturesque town, with shopping and restaurants galore, not to mention some hotels, trails, coffee shops, art galleries, fur traders, *free clean public restrooms*, I mean you name it and if it seems a little mountainy, a lot Western, and casually luxe, it’s probably here.


Atticus–The best coffee shop / book store / stop at the bottom of Main Street. Whimsical and fresh, Atticus has fun gifts, gr8 coffee (and matcha!), chill vibes, and I think they’ve already worked through the 7 years of bad luck for opening that umbrella indoors so that’s a plus.


Egyptian Theater–Hit up the Egyptian on Main for a show during your stay–comedians, musical acts, plays, musicals, movie screenings and more!


Banksy attacks Park City: The infamous Banksy made his mark on Park City thrice, though only two of those graffiti graphics are on display in the alleys they were born in. The third is actually on a former stage storage door for the Egyptian, but has been moved for safe keeping bc vandals are trying to destroy the vandalism!!! What monsters, tbh.

banksy mainbanksyvideo_011414_0

Daly Hike–So if you just keep walking up Main Street past like Grappa and stuff and just keep on trucking, you’ll eventually end up on a street called Daly. If you take that up some more, you run into this trailhead for this fun lil trail that takes you past some abandoned mine buildings and houses and stuff and then spits you out at the top for some pretty okay views.


Check out this site for other hiking with prettier views but less spooky cabins so idk take your pick i guess.


So it’s pretty much non-stop-views from every angle in Park City HOWEVER, you simply must head to Robert Redford’s place of respite near the sky, Sundance Mountain Resort.

Sundance, Utah photo:Adam Clark

It’s insanely beautiful, incredibly rustic, immensely instagrammable (r.e. this gorgeous fuqqin babbling ass brook I saw in real life), AND only 40ish minutes from Main Street.

You can walk the grounds, hike the trails, chill out by the fire pit, go on a full moon ski lift ride, AND check out the famous Owl Bar. It opens at 4 and not a minute earlier, and ALL photography is banned.


I know this first hand because i was ACCOSTED by a waitress for taking this shot of my cousin when we went there for her birthday last January. Turned out to be a dope pic though, so you know.


They also have all kinds of seasonal activities going on for the whole family. They had this haunted playhouse area that led to the lifts for a Halloween-themed haunted lift ride. We didn’t go up (heights, as well as a world with no mirrors, are my biggest fear). But I did make my dad conquer one of his biggest fears (clowns) and take a photo next to one of the bizarre statues.


Check out the restaurants and the lodging here if you’re trying to truly immerse yourself in all that Sundance has to offer.

Mr. Redford says of his mountain top escape: “Sundance is an arts community, a recreational community, a community of people who appreciate the beauty of nature and feel the responsibility to preserve it.”

And let me tell you something, I am all about that shit.


In case you’ve forgotten, Utah hosted the only profitable Olympic games in recent history (Mitt Romney’s main claim to fame). Many of the events were held in and around Park City, leaving a great amount equipment behind and available for non-Olympiads to give it their all.


There’s an Winter Sports Center with a lil museum and gift shop, a bobsled ride, a Nordic Jump for tubing, Discovery Zone for youngins, a place to watch professional skiers practice, and a zip line! All of these are seasonal, so make sure to double check that what you want to do is open!


Of course if you visit during ski season, you simply must take at least one spin on one slope! In addition to the aforementioned Sundance Mountain Resort, here are the other Park City options:

Park City Mountain:  I’ve never skied this mountain but i think there is night skiing and that would be dope–definitely on my list for when I’m in a skiing mood.


Deer Valley    I have skied this one in the past, and though it’s been a minute I do remember it was fun and pretty and the lodge had pizza that was good, so do what you will with all that info.



Maxwell’s pizza– It’s been voted the best pizza in Park City several years in a row and let me tell you something, I know why. It’s good.


Squatters Roadhouse Grill– Gr8 breakfast and drinks! squatters-roadhouse-grill

Washatch Brew Pub– A legit brewery so they’ve got all kinds of exciting beers (bonus points if you try the jalapeno one–it’s v good) and great burgers, sandwiches, etc. Wasatch-Brew-Pub-2280x1256-2

Grappa– For something a little fancy and a lot italian, try this beaut at nearly the top of Main St. ade22fe61572a2d6ae3b949901cfd18a49461237

JavaCow– Seriously good ice cream, people!             dine-with-the-cow

Stoked Roasters + Coffeehouse– Cool coffee shop, great coffee. During Sundance Festival I was stationed there for a panel event and saw Ava Duvernay, Octavia Spencer, Sandra Oh and others speak (so that was cool).







Anyway, I think you may get the picture by now that I definitely recommend Park City as the next adventure for legit anyone. Bring an appreciation for the beauty of nature, a rustic-chic wardrobe, a couple pairs of cool sunglasses, and a spirit of adventure and you’ll get everything and MORE out of this gorgeous mountain town–and that’s a promise.






***Note–I own some of the images above but definitely not all of them and I’m okay with that***

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