my name is chase and this is the chronicle of my journey to stardom

AYY thanks for reading ok

i wanted to have a platform to share my life and work with the world more in depth: the places i go, the music i create, the pieces I find, my performances, the clothes i wear, and the lifestyle of suburban royalty so i chose to start this website. i promise it will be entertaining so and will include a LOT of the following:

cool pictures of me in cool outfits in front of cool places: 
songs i’m singing: {‘alive’-Sia}

artists i’m obsessing over:

places I’m going:



things i fuqqin love:

cool sweaters I find/ the clothes i wear in general:

 kim kardashian west edits:

queen elizabeth II edits:

 things i’m currently obsessed with:

gummy bear night lights

and every detail (the songs, the location, the costumes, the lighting, the vibe, the reception, backstage sneak peaks, and basically anything else you could ever want to know about any and every performance.

& probably some other stuff but you get the idea.

so feel free to look around and follow me for future posts–you probably most likely won’t regret it ok.

alzo–zidenote: although i have an exemplary command of the english language, i think using “z’s” instead of “s’s”, and spelling actually with a ‘k’ instead of a ‘c’ and other things like that is way more fun zo that’z why i do it ok….it may not be v sporadic but hey it makes things more entertainink for zure.