You’re bored. You’ve watched every show I’ve recommended (good taste, huh?).

You’ve pulled twitter down to make that schraeewPOP sound, only to discover you’ve read every tweet tweeted.

You’ve actually made it to the real end of all the Instagram stories you’d ever care to watch and you truly only skipped like 7.

You’re looking hopelessly through the very depths of the entirety of the internet for something, anything to entertain you.

Well, as per usual, I can help!!!

Below is a compilation of videos of me doing various things from all around the YouTube.

We’re talking freshman in college chase, LA chase, ABBA chase, HRH chase, inexcusably un-brushed hair chase, and so much more. It’s not all pretty, let me be the first (and last!) to tell you.

So without further ado, a lil chasertheprince youtube playlist for you:

Did I deserve a Tony for my role of Sarah Palin? Yes.  Did I receive one? Fuck no. (p.s. follies…RIP😢)

Wanna watch me sing about money while looking sort of like western depictions of Jesus Christ? YOU’RE IN LUCK!

My first show in LA and I sing about avocados? Am I a millennial icon?  YES.

Watch me almost impossibly accurately capture the entitlement of KGIII while channeling my real estate background to understand how I’m the lowest key worried about losing trillions of dollars worth of land that we bought with 6 BEADS and disease!!!!!!

Watch me kind of awkwardly wax-on wax off-style flail my hands while singing with un-brushed hair, mind you, as Ciara like actually knows what she is doing in our *VERY* FIRST* collab in an ACM@UCO classroom.

One thing that the females in general and this video’s chase  have in common would definitely have to be starting off very flat.

And finally, a lil Beatles from the dopest band of performance majors ever assembled @ ACM, Band 6. Here’s “Hey Jude”.


We’re all Judes and we all need to, you know, not make this time so bad (so inspiring, truly). I mean it’s bad enough on its own so none of us need to make it any more bad. (should i become a motivational speaker?)

So, wash your hands. Distance yourself from most everyone else. Check on your friends, check-in with yourself.

And most importantly, take the sad, sad song that is 2020 and make it better for yourself, for your neighbor, for me, etc. and I’ll do the same.




***note: i only own the rights to The Avocado Song and literally nothing else***

YOU’LL BE BACK (from ‘HAMILTON’) a cover by chasertheprince


“You’ll Be Back” – King George III’s unnerved retort to America’s independence, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, performed by chasertheprince.

Film by: chasertheprince & Kennady Ritter

Song produced by Ciara Brooke

 Listen NOW on all platformz {bc I get it, 3:30 is a long time to look @ my face} [i mean not for me, but…]





Was that not one of the greatest award show performances you’ve ever watched ever in the entirety your life?

Let me tell you something, when the producer came through and said “Lizzo says take off your robes” my wig consequently flew off as well. I was like “gO OFF bitch!!”


Now, I’m a relatively brand new Lizzo fan…like within the last month. This is the first video I’ve ever watched of her performing live and the fact that she perfectly referenced my most favorite movie of all time throughout “Juice”…Like I have no words, are you serious?!?!


AND she did it so well. It was subtle enough that it wasn’t overkill (though if she literally reenacted the entire movie on stage I probably wouldn’t think that was overkill either). She got the “La”s! She got the dancers! She got the chorus! She got the Holi Spirit!

2019 MTV Movie And TV Awards - Show

To be honest, I’m not a big movie fan in general and since I a) don’t have cable and b) forgot my parent’s AT&T Uverse password so I couldn’t tune in live on the app and c) didn’t explore another option bc I wasn’t that concerned, I wasn’t planning on tuning in. Then, this random girl I met once named Raina texted me about it bc she knows my undying love for Sister Act 2 and award shows, so I went to Twitter, found the video and all I could literally do was smile so hard from ear to ear.

That’s my favorite part about live award show performances–they have a chance like no other to get viewers to have an experience through the screen, to connect with not only the song but also the artist.

Praise Lizzo. Praise Whoopi.


This one goes into the archives along with Florence + The Machine’s 2010 VMA “Dog Days Are Over” performance, Lady Gaga’s 2009 “Paparazzi” performance, Kendrick Lamar’s 2015 (?) Grammys performance, and so many more.

Whoopi approves, I heard.



-chasertheprince, Lizzo fan, Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit stan

“The Avocado Song” LiVE @ Genghis Cohen

Last Friday, the incomparable Eliza Spear invited me up during her set @ Genghis Cohen to perform a few songs including this original inspired by one of my true lovez: avocados.

Enjoy! (ALSO, you can stream the song on ALL PLATFORMS now!!)