Millennials Are Dope As Shit & Here are the RECEIPTS

I make some big claims in my new single, “Millennials Are Dope As Shit” ((OUT NOW!!))

about the ‘snowflake’ generation and, in case you try to come for me by attempting to discredit my clever, fact-driven lyrics, here are the receipts.

So read ’em and weep, baby boomers bc this is REAL NEWS, OKUURRR


Millennials are the largest age group in American History


The Washington Post–It’s Official, Millennials Have Surpassed Baby Boomers to Become America’s Largest Living Generation

Pew Research Center–Millennials Overtake Baby Boomers

Goldman Sachs–Millennials


Millennials are the most ethnically diverse generation in American History


The Brookings Institution–Metro Millennial Report 

NBCNews–Millennials Most Racially Diverse Generation in US History

REALTOR Magazine–Millennials-Most Diverse Generation in History


Most entrepreneurial generation in history


FORBES–Millennials are the True Entrepreneur Generation

Business Insider (2016)–Millennials On Track to Become Most Entrepreneurial Generation Ever

Comcast Business–Millennials are the Most Entrepreneurial Generation But They Need More Access to Capital


MILLENNIALS are spearheading innovation like never before


FORBES–How Millennials Are Changing These 3 Industries

ASU STUDY–Millennials: Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the Perfect Combo


All living dogs and cats are millennials


The 6 Oldest Dogs Ever (ALL Millennials!)



Generations before us wrecked the economy


The Economist–The Origins of the Financial Crisis: A Crash Course

The Wall Street Journal–The 2008 Financial Crisis: How It All Began

The New York Times–Financial Crisis Was Avoidable, Inquiry Finds


The preceding generations have made (AND ACTIVELY CONTINUE TO MAKEplenty of enemies out of former ally nations


Fox News–Trump Pushes Allies Away; Embraces US Adversaries

ABC News (AUS)–200 Years of US Military Interventions

The Atlantic–Where Countries Stand With Donald Trump: A Crib Sheet


Millennials are the most educated generation in American History. 


NPR–Amid The Stereotypes, Some Facts About Millennials

The Obama White House Archives.Gov–Millennials Report

Rich Dad–Why Our Most Educated Generation is Struggling Financially

So you know, I don’t speak on shit unless I know it’s the truth.

Anyway, here’s to all the millennials out here making it happen and navigating through this crazy world we’ve inherited. We truly are DOPE AS SHIT.


you won’t believe these wild seahorse factz

So, in honor of THE SEAHORSE SONG (dropping July 31), I thought it would be interesting to take a closer look @ the subject of the diddy, the seahorse.

They are actually some of the most interesting creatures on earth to me and I know you’re dying to know some seahorse trivia so without further ado, I give you 11 wild factz about these serene underwater equines!!


  • Seahorses hold a Guinness world record for slowest swimmers in the sea. the dwarf seahorse moves 5 ft/hr. been there lol

  • They have little fins, you guys. OF COURSE SWIMMING IS GOING TO BE DIFFICULT.
  • Like humans, some are monogamous for life and some are just down for breedin’ season

  • Seahorses engage in an eight-hour courtship dance which includes spinning around, swimming side by side and changing colours.

  • Female seahorses drop their eggs into the male’s pouch for fertilization and then is like byeeee
  • The male seahorse can carry up to 2,000 lil seahorse babies at a time

  • Seahorse bbs are called fries
  • They look exactly like their parents
  • They may be small but their appetites are mighty. they can consume up to 3000 brine shrimp per day largely because they have no teeth and no stomach and food just kind of passes through them like very fast

  • they prefer to swim in pairs with their tails linked together


the exciting backstory of Sadie the Lady Seahorse is told exclusively though song!

“The Seahorse Song”, drops the 31st on all platforms!!!

Click here  to follow me on Spotify so you can hear the story of Sadie, the lady seahorse as soon as it’s out!


***Seahorse facts were compiled using the following totally rad websites::

*******I do not own any of the images or videos above!!*********

In Honor of the 2018 Emmy’s Noms, Here Are The shows You NEED to Binge ASAP

Since the 70th annual Primetime Emmy nominations were recently announced, I thought it would be appropriate and necessary to tell the world of my favorite tv shows.

(You can see the full list of Emmy Noms here)

Plus, one day as I was staring at the screen, my numb arm outstretched with my hand gently closed around the Apple TV remote, I thought about how great it would be if someone with a similar sense of humor and passion for drama just told me what to watch and put a silver bullet through the brain of this never-ending, blood-displacing search.


So, I decided to put together a running list of my favorite streamable, binge-able shows on the internet in hopes that you could avoid that same fate and have a show readily in mind when you pick up the remote to retire from reality to binge.

~what you’ll need~

  • access to one or all of the following: Netflix, Hulu, HBOGo/Now, ShowtimeAnytime, Amazon Prime, FXX,
  • a comfy ass place to recline–a posh lazy boy or a quintessential queen, perhaps?
  • your favorite beverage and light snack
  • if you live in one of the more advanced states in the Union, some weed and your favorite piece for consumption.

Thus, my favorite binge-able shows:

veepVEEP–HBO: The funniest fucking show ever conceived, written, shot, aired, etc. I always recommend it to everyone. Selena Meyer is the person I aspire to be. Julia Louis-Dryfus is a comic genius. I look up to her a great deal–I mean her skill is ridic. and has won multiple deserved Emmys for the role which sadly concludes this summer.

thecrownTHE CROWN–Netflix: Let’s talk about how much better season 2 is than season 1–so much better. I’m 100% heartbroken that Claire Foy and Matt Smith won’t be continuing on for the rest of the series because i think they truly nail their characters, but I’m excitedly awaiting szn 3 regardless.


THE END OF THE FUCKING WORLD–Netflix: On my last day in Park City this past January, I had a late flight out of Salt Lake, and my work at Sundance had concluded with the festival two days before, so I was just chilling all day and needed something to watch. I was instantly hooked. The episodes are short, so it was super easy to binge in one day. The shots are all really great and apparently it’s based off of a comic, so that’s kind of different.  

ja'mieJA’MIE–HBO:Chris Lilley is iconic as Ja’mie: Private School Girl. She is horrible yet the most ideal. Constant laughs, I’m srs. One of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen. Worth a binge, a rebinge, and even a re-rebinge.

684_1024x411HIGH MAINTENANCE– HBO: easily one of the best shows that I didn’t really expect much from when I first sat down to watch it. Every episode is strangely poignant and they capture the essence of smoking weed in a way that i’ve never seen before. Truly a work of art.

santa-clarita-dietTHE SANTA CLARITA DIET–Netflix: The first episode had me slightly skeptical, but once I got used to Drew Barrymore’s method of acting and the sometimes less-than-stellar writing and suddenly i was entranced by this show. Very entertaining and a super easy binge. Plus I have serious Drew Barrymore hair goals now. AND it just gets better with age, people! Season 2 is amazing, I’ve watched it three times now.

Bigmouth-analisis-e1510531071181BIG MOUTH–Netflix: Holy shit. I’m not going to say much about this one because I want you to be able to experience it in all of its glory, so go ahead and binge it NOW. It’s a hormone charged roller coaster ride and it is very….horny.

grace and frankieGRACE & FRANKIE–Netflix: One of the absolute best shows of the decade, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomilson form a hilarious duo to navigate post-divorced life. If you haven’t seen it, idk what you’re doing with your life.

shameless.jpgSHAMELESS–Showtime / Netflix: It took me a second to get passed the disgusting manner in which they live and then I was hooked. Each character is so well constructed, developed, and portrayed. Plus, I saw Deb at the Melrose Trading Post one time…she taught me that glycerin makes you cry.

nurse jackieNURSE JACKIE–Showtime / Netflix: Absolutely one of my most favorite shows of all time. It’s the perfect amount of heart warming and soul  crushing, and that’s not an easy feat. Edie Falco is incredible as Nurse Jackie, a high functioning drug addict and the best nurse around. At least, the one I’d want by my hospital bed (after she’s snorted a couple lines, of course). The show is set up around one particular St. Augustine quote I may or may not be living: “Make me good, God; but not yet.” Seriously, if you’ve never watched it–go, right now. It’s a ride but omg it’s worth it.

cuckoo-netflix-originalCUCKOO-Netflix: Hilarious. Andy Samberg tees up the witty British comedy and Taylor Lautner…shit i’m not up on my golf references–what do you say after tees up? not ‘knock it out of the park’ bc that’s baseball, right? Fuqq it. Anyway–every character is really funny and it’s a fun show to binge for a light-hearted night.

633_1024x411WHITE FAMOUS–Showtime: I just finished binging this like last week actually, and i really enjoyed it. Funny as fuqq, it’s a satire about being black in Hollywood and really all I can say is–white people are annoying and i’m sorry haha

maxresdefaultAMERICAN VANDALNetflix: I absolutely love the way this show is shot to be such a serious crime show but really it’s about a bunch of dicks spray painted on cars in the parking lot of a high school. The great part about it is that it stays pretty light-hearted the entire time, just a fun entertaining show. We need more of these.


THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL–Amazon: So the creators of ‘Gilmore Girls’ are back with this quick-witted and explicit (a dream come true; the faster-than-lightening high brow, quick-witted dialogue unconfined by the rules of cable) dramedy about a female comic busting through the rigid seams of the life of Upper West Side housewives.

81jv5kL-e7L._RI_EKATERINA: THE RISE OF CATHERINE THE GREAT–Amazon: If you’re brave enough, this Russian drama follows the rise of the badass empress–and does so in three languages, so get ready for some serious subtitle reading and….really it’s an opportunity to sharpen your prowess for context clues.

downloadGLOW-Netflix: I dug the vintage neon girl power vibe of this Netflix original. Season 2 promises to be just as fun (I’ve only watched the first episode, but I’m down!) The eighties aesthetics are almost as entertaining as the dialogue or anything else really (if not more).

joel-mchale-show-slice-600x200  THE JOEL McHALE SHOW WITH JOEL McHALE —Netflix:  People, The Soup is back and this time without bleeping!! I’ve always enjoyed McHale’s humor, even if it’s kind of…only slightly amusing? The show has a very similar feel to his old E! gig, so it kind of feels like I’m back in my parents house catching reruns on my like 18-inch TV before going to sleep. (plus, I know one of the Associate Producers through my dope a$$ roommates so that’s always exciting–s/o Allison Miller!)

71dfx1n3lwl-_ri_-e1520539168114.jpgEMPIRE OF THE TSARS: ROMANOV RUSSA WITH LUCY WOLSEY–Netflix: the lady reminded me of Kitty from That 70’s Show but with an annoying British accent and incredibly ridiculous interjections in the dialogue. Her guidance through the dark and twisty yet posh and glorious Romanov dynasty is rather enjoyable.

sumheighhighSUMMER HEIGHTS HIGHHBO: Ja’mie’s precursor, the hilarious as fuqq Summer Heights High. The ever talented Chris Lilley plays three over the top but somehow spot on characters and will literally have you lolling every 30 seconds.

episodesEPISODES–Netlfix: Love it, it’s a funny example of a writer’s vision being twisted and turned for American audiences. And like holy shit does it seem like Matt LeBlanc is literally all over Netflix rn?

queer-as-folk-facebook-coverQUEER AS FOLK-Netflix / Showtime: Brian Kinney is the role model of all role models. Gay friends fuqq up Pittsburg night life and survive the trials of being openly gay in the early 2000’s. It’s a good series to get in to, kind of slow at times but an overall solid watch.

5198ce1e7866cf7c69222c748d951967093570e9.jpgCRASHING–Netflix: Six twenty-somethings act as property guardians to this old hospital. Property guarding sounds kind dope as shit, to be honest…you just pay like way less than normal rent and you just have to keep an abandoned building in shape. All kinds of shenanigans are gotten into so it’s an easily enjoyable, quickly bingable show, good for a day at home or some shit.

enlightenedENLIGHTENED–HBO: I stumbled upon this show years ago and it’s been one of my favorite binges so far. It’s a complicated series, but Laura Dern depicts self destruction-ist Amy Jellicoe in a post-self destruction world, and she does it so well. The journey of rebuilding her life kind of seems like she’s walking the wrong way on a moving sidewalk, but that’s why she’s so easy to identify with. Plus, she doesn’t let the bullshit get her down and works to take down the corporate giant she helped expand. I’ll be honest…season 2 didn’t captivate me like season 1…but I’ll let you be the judge as to why.

biglittleliesBIG LITTLE LIES–HBO: seriously, you’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t at least watched a clip of this iconic mini-series. I’m anxiously awaiting season two and I CAN’T EVEN BELIEVE THE FACT THAT MERYL IS JOINING THE CAST. Also, a slight side note, but when I first started the show, i lowkey thought that Shailene Woodley’s character was actually just a grown up Amy or whatever her name was in ‘Secret Life of the American Teenager’ and she had just gone through some shit so they had to move and change their names. SPOILER–that’s definitely not the case.


SIX FEET UNDER--HBO:One of my most recent watches, this series is rather heartbreaking. It takes place in early 2000s Los Angeles and centers around a family of funeral directors. Each episode begins with a new client’s death. Most of the time these expirations are so ridiculously arbitrary it makes you kind of feel lucky you’ve survived this long. Anyway, the writing is brilliant. The characters are amazing because they are all so fucking lost and don’t realize it an aspect of their world implodes–how very true to life. Also, the last 10 minutes of the series finale ended it all so well but had me in a fit of tears and a somber attitude for like 3 hours, so be warned.

lookingLOOKING–HBO: Sort of like HBO’s version Queer As Folk but west coast, and fast forward a few years. An interesting and comedically dramatic look at life for the not-so-young but not-really-old-at-all gays. There’s a movie and a short series and both are streamable now.

Archer_605_HD_Clean_R1_AUTH_movie_1464340174711_4528000_1280x720_694347331843ARCHER–FXNow/Netflixabsolutely one of the best animated shows out there…actually probably THE best animated show out there. It’s absolutely hilarious. Archer is the type of all talent, no responsibility awesome asshole i aspire to be a little bit, you know? The characters are all very well-developed actually and have incredibly interesting and ridiculously strange backstories that make each just as funny and important as the other.

cq5dam.web.1200.675SILICON VALLEY–HBO: I was late to the party for the Valley, but I showed up with gusto and finished the available episodes rather quickly. It’s a fun show in general but it’s a super interesting look into the world of the techno-giants. No matter how dramatized it is, you know those companies and figures are based loosely off of real world oligarchs of tech.

90sTHE NINETIES–CNNGo: First of all, i like all of their decade series, but this is by far my most favorite. It’s so interesting to see what was going on in the world when I was young and had like no real concept of anything.

romeROME–HBO: This exciting and dramatic look into the lives of Rome’s most scandalous patricians will leave you chanting “Atia of the Julii, I call for justice!” over and over again…but not because you really have anything against Atia, but because Brutus’s mother (who’s insufferable, by the way) repeats it loudly for days.

Schitts-CreekSCHITT’S CREEK–Netflix: A rich family loses everything but the town they bought as a joke and are forced to live there until they can figure out their next move. I’m down with it although I will say that i wasn’t extremely convinced by the characters until like midway through the first season. But i definitely enjoyed it overall so that’s cool.

23170CASUAL–Hulu: I enjoyed this show because it was a total ‘have everything and you’re still not happy’ kind of story but it was like…somehow more honest and somehow not trite… like it’s a refreshing spin on the age-old archetype and i’m always down for that kind of shit. Plus it has like an actually good

the comebackTHE COMEBACK–HBO: To be honest, you kind of have to hold on and power through with this one until you’re hooked. It’ll happen but it may take a minute. For me, the hardest part is seeing Lisa Kudrow as anyone but Phoebe, but when you lose that, draw some parallels between the characters and accept she’s a different version of herself now, the show becomes pretty entertaining. So, if you’re up for a challenge–The Comeback is your binge situation.

lovesick.jpgLOVESICK–Netflix: Everyone’s most awkward nightmare comes true when you contract an STD and call everyone you’ve slept with in the last little while to tell them about your…condition. this British comedy follows three friends as they alert nearly every girl in Dylan’s black book of his syphilis. An entertaining watch, for sure.

comcarcofCOMEDIANS IN CARS GETTING COFFEE–Netflix: One of the sexiest sounds in the world is the sound of coffee being poured. And this show has plenty of coffee pouring b-roll. It’s super interesting to watch these comedians interact and discuss life, their career, and the cars (which break down more often than not)

we can be heroesWE CAN BE HEROES–HBO: You seriously can’t go wrong when Chris Lilley is involved okay. In this brilliant short series, he brings back Ja’mie and introduces us to 5 additional, equally hilarious characters vying for the coveted title, Australian of the Year.

35IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA–Hulu: Hilarious and like just low brow enough for me to enjoy without absolutely hating every minute of it. I’m still in the beginning of the series but every episode delivers. They’ve perfected the art of characters screaming over each other and no matter who you listen to, its funny as fuqq. It’s also super satirical of everything and they just go in hard about everything. So basically if your sense of humor is handicapped by political correctness, this one (and honestly many others on this list) are not for you.


SHARP OBJECTS–HBO: Currently airing, this show is actually pretty badass. I am not one for crime shows, but this follows Amy Adams as a troubled vodka-chugging, cigarette smoking journalist back to her rural Missouri hometown as she investigates what’s probably turning out to be a serial situation. I’m digging it so far and I’ve only tuned in for one episode so that’s a good sign, ppl.

ill_behaviourILL BEHAVIOR–Showtime: So the guy standing gets a divorce from his wealthy wife and is left with a sizeable sum of money. The guy in the chair gets cancer and refuses treatment. Standing guy isn’t about to let that happen, so he finds Lizzy Caplan is the kind of chemo doctor i’d want pumping poison into my veins.

viceVICE PRINCIPALS–HBO: I loved it but all of a sudden it takes a rather unexpected turn and becomes something very different. It’s worth the binge, though.

youngTHE YOUNG POPE-HBO: I’m just here for the aesthetics and the sacrilege. The show is kind of so-so, but the concept is iconic and daring. It’s kind of like what I think would happen if I was elected pope, but way less pizzazz.

zZ: THE BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING–Amazon: F. Scott Fitzgerald is sort of like my literary spirit animal, so it’s cool to see this side of him and learn more about his beloved, the first American ‘flapper’, Zelda. She’s a v interesting character in her own right. tbh, i found the show a lil slow at times but it’s soooo much better than Amazon’s stab at “The Last Tycoon”, so, you know…

kennAMERICAN DYNASTIES: THE KENNEDYS–CNN: As an American catholic, the Kennedys are basically our secular royalty, and their dark side is delicious. Narrated by journalists and some of the Kennedys themselves, it’s an extremely interesting watch. CNN’s miniseries are notoriously well done, and this doesn’t disappoint in the slightest.

patty hearstTHE RADICAL STORY OF PATTY HEARST–CNN: A totally captivating story–pun fully intended. Patty is a v v interesting character and everything about this is just so bizarre. A very intriguing watch.


TRUST: THE GETTY FAMILY SAGA–FXNOW:Continuing with the theme of kidnapping a plutocrat’s grandchild, ‘Trust’ follows the notorious Getty family as John Paul Getty III is kidnapped in Italy. But was he really kidnapped? did it start as a joke and end as a life altering, oh shit what have i done situation? is it kind of like the ‘Fargo’ of real life? Tune in, bitches.


CLAWS–TNT: I just started watching this show, which is exciting because season 2 is currently airing on TNT. You can really only catch some of the episodes on the app, but i recommend taking a gander at this girl-power packed money laundering meets acrylic nail wonderland.


The ones that go without saying:

weedsWEEDS–Netflix / Showtime

the-office-usTHE OFFICE–Netflix


thegilmoregirls.0.0GILMORE GIRLS–Netflix

friends FRIENDS–Netflix

Arrested-DevelopmentARRESTED DEVELOPMENT–Netflix

That-70s-show-800x400THAT 70S SHOW–Netflix

I know this list helped solve your streaming anxiety so…you’re welcome.

And of course, don’t forget to tune in to the 70th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, Monday, September 17!

Also, **disclaimer** i own ~none~ of these images, and i’m secure enough to admit that.


From avocado toast and beyond, these will become your 8 favorite ways to eat the superfood of superfoods

I’m obsessed with a good alligator pear & I’m constantly looking for new ways dress them up a bit to keep my eating habits more ~exotic~ and ~diverse~ and overall ~healthier~ than before. So I’ve compiled a few of my favorite ways to consume an avocado–and they are sure to become your favorite as well!

ok without further ado, my 8 (+) ways to eat avocados:

  1. the classic avocado toast

    1. Ezekiel seseame toast, butter it & sprinkle some cheese ((microwave that shit so its ~meltayyy~))
    2. Really any other kind of toast (NOT brioche bc fuck brioche)
    3. using your Pampered Chef Avocado peeler (pictured below) ((it’s sharp enough to pierce the skin but dull enough to avoid a stigmata wound–and angled perfectly to pop out the pit with ease))  slice that shit up, plop it all onto the toast. avocado-peeler
    4. Season and enjoy!!
  2. avocado on a plate

    1. slice up an avocado and put it on a plate
    2. use my favorite seasoning, ‘Slap ‘Ya Mama’ cajun seasoning generously seasoning-family_385df23c-f1f5-4425-84d4-06286e4b905b_grande.jpg
    3. enjoy with your fave chip of tortilla, pita, or potato origin. (bonus points for flaming hot cheetos tho)
  3. avocado Mediterranean chicken salad-

    1. mashed avocado, shredded chicken, chopped up hard-boiled egg, & diced tomatoes, feta perhapz
    2. mix all of that shit together add a lil dash of some seasoning and literally whatever else, serve it up next to some toast or something and go for it!!!
  4. avocado tabouli

    1. i really like tabouli like a lot but I’m not the type to like actually make it (so much chopping omg), so I just grab it from Trader Joe’s and then add it as sort of like a lil garnish for a sliced avocado. delish, man. trader-joes-logo.png
  5. quick guac-

    1. again with the chopping :/ so to save my time and sanity, I start with like a good pico de gallo and then mix in some avocado and a lil more lime!
    2. for bonus points eat with tostito’s with a hint of lime and holi shit
    3. also, for a super quick but high yielding situation, use a reed avocado–THEY ARE FUQQING HUGE. I found them at Whole Foods…it’s the only place i’ve seen them in my life thus far one is pictured in the video below::                          –prepare yourselves people–
  6. bacon~spinach~guacamole salad

    1. No surprise here, it’s literally a spinach salad made with guac and bacon.
    2. Toss it all together so that the avocado kind of like coats the spinach and acts as a bit of a dressing (i fuqqing hate real dressings so this works the best for me)
    3. Sometimes I get a lil fancy and throw like some candied pecans in or pieces of crispy cheese or some shit. V good.images
  7. avocado, tomato, cucumber, & cottage cheese medley

    1. Dice the vegetables, mix ’em all up in a bowl
    2. add cottage cheese
    3. dust a lil salt n’ pepper on there, some Lawry’s seasoning perhaps, or Slap ‘Ya Mama once again
    4. Mix it and enjoy, bitch!
  8. on literally everything:

    1. leftover/brand new pizza
    2. leftover/brand new pasta
    3. hamburger patties
    4. with eggs
    5. hamburgers in general
    6. tacos obviously
    7. nachos
    8. get creative, go wild!!Avocado-Puns-Memes

And so there you have it! A lil more than 8 suggestions on how to eat the most famous superfood of our generation every day without getting bored of it!!

and of course, don’t forget the perfect soundtrack to your avocado consuming experience:::::: “The Avocado Song”!

find it here::

watch it here::


Enjoy those ‘vocadooos, people!



The Bezt 2018 Grammy Performances

I know this is a little belated, but i mean the official videos of most of these Grammy performances didn’t become available until last week, and I know most of you probably didn’t go searching for them on your own in the meantime, so here we are.

It’s a nice surprise and you know you think so.


This year’s show was packed with performances and most all of them delivered. Plus, Chappelle killed as the host.

So anyway, without further ado, here are my faves from that chilly January night:

Rihanna gives me the wildest of wild thoughts so, I mean. Do I really need to say anything else? DJ Khaled isn’t my favorite but i deal, you know.

P!nk always delivers. Her vocals are killer and she just was like fuqq it, I’m wearing jeans, a tshirt, and no shoes and I’ll still sound better than these hoes. and she did.

Speaking of vocals, this kid absolutely slays every person in the audience with his voice. Childish was of course, great as always.

Skip U2’s appearance and this is, as Kendrick’s performances always are, gold. to do this, jump from 2:03-2:31 and enjoy!

Two of my favorite people in music together on the Grammy stage!! I mean come on, what more could you ask for as a citizen of this earth? (a lot more, i get it but like, this is probably on your list)

The ’90s are my shit and this performance (and the song) evokes all the edgy ‘Saved By The Bell’ vibes you could possibly want. Cardi B is a great performer and paired with Bruno Mars and The Hooligans, it’s some next level fun time shit.

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t my most favorite Kesha performance of all time, but singing the song you wrote about your abuser to a room full of people who know him and have worked with him and didn’t believe you would be a lot. Plus I was like okay ladies, you’re all on this stage for a reason!! join her, help her out, like something, you know. But overall,  a very powerful performance and hopefully some souls are changing.

I have no words bc this performance literally says them all, so.. Logic for president 2024, ppl.

Overall it was a pretty solid show I thought. I wish some of the awards would’ve been placed in different hands but here we are. People have their opinions about the Grammys and the Recording Academy, and as they should. But that doesn’t mean we can’t sit back and enjoy some of our favorite artists performing some of our favorite songs amirite?

I’m right.



****Note: I do not own any of the videos or photos above, and I’m totally ok with that****


The 60th Annual Grammy Awards are upon us, and earlier than usual it seems. The show will air January 28th on CBS from Madison Square Garden, NYC. Yes, you read that correctly. NYC.Madison-Square-Garden

This upsets me because I moved to Los Angeles with the idea in my head that at the very least I’d be standing a safe distance away from the building at the 2018 Grammy Awards. this would be easily accomplished by car.

Now, I have to get on a fucking airplane for the chance. And like idk, maybe I won’t. I don’t like the cold and it will be January in New York so, idk.


Okay so moving past the location fiasco, this past year was insane for music. Incredible projects popped up left and right from newcomers like Khalid and old favorites like Jay Z (while truthfully I didn’t give 4:44 more than a few listens–I’ve been pissed at him for cheating since “Irreplaceable” told the woke people what the fuqq was up in ’06)

But okay, okay, let’s look at some of the most exciting categories (with my favorites in purple) before I continue with my commentary:



Logic, Alessia Cara, Khalid


Julia Michaels

That’s What I Like 

Bruno Mars

Despacito (Remix)

Justin Bieber, Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee


Jay Z

ALBUM OF THE YEAR (Okay Lorde standing her own with all these grown ass men)

“Awaken, My Love!”

Donald Glover


Jay Z

“24K Magic”

Bruno Mars




Kendrick Lamar

BEST RAP ALBUM (Is there even a contest)

Flower Boy

Tyler, The Creator



Laila’s Wisdom



Jay Z


Kendrick Lamar

RECORD OF THE YEAR (daylighttt)


Kendrick Lamar


Donald Glover

“24K Magic”

Bruno Mars

“The Story Of O.J.” 

Jay Z

“Despacito (Remix)”

Justin Bieber, Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee

BEST NEW ARTIST (i have no reaction to this and idk what that means)

Alessia Cara

Lil Uzi Vert

Julia Michaels



BEST POP VOCAL ALBUM (FUQQ YEA LANA/KESHA {I’m so over Ed Sheeran omfg})


Lady Gaga


Imagine Dragons




Ed Sheeran

Lust for Life

Lana Del Rey




“Shape of You”

Ed Sheeran

“Love So Soft”

Kelly Clarkson

“Million Reasons”

Lady Gaga

“What About Us”




I’m cutting it off there because there are like 84 Grammy categories and I do not have that kind of time.

If you have that kind of time, click here for the full list of 2018 Grammy nominees.

I’m elated at the attention Kesha, Kendrick Lamar, Lana Del Rey, & SZA received from the academy but I do wish we would’ve seen a nom for Harry Styles’s ballad-heavy, self titled solo debut album–it seems though that the academy’s disdain for One Direction didn’t die with the band.


Zayn, however, was nominated for his work with the snake for 50 Shades Darker, “I Don’t Wanna (Live Forever)”.  If he wins, he’ll be the only former One Direction member to ever win, but for now he’s just the only former One Direction member to ever be nominated.

Going back to my elation about Kesha’s recognition: HFS I’ve never been so happy about a Grammy nominee, I think. After the fuqqed up situation she lived for so long, she deserves every ounce of goodness that comes her way. Plus her album was really, really fuqqing good. I lived each song in some way, you know? Still do. That shit doesn’t happen with every album I listen to. Plus her concert was dope.


PLUS: “Old Flames” (track 12 on Rainbow) is a cover of the song that Kesha’s mom wrote for Dolly Parton to sing on her 1980 smash Dolly, Dolly, Dolly. So obviously that’s fuqqing dope.


1-800-273-8255 deserves the honor of Song of the Year. Logic, Alessia Cara, and Khalid shed so much-needed light on mental health. Their powerful performance at the 2017 VMAs reminded us that their song wasn’t just a catchy chart topper–it’s real. If you or anyone you know is contemplating suicide, reach out to the suicide hotline immediately.

Cardi B has continued destroying records, and is now the first solo female rap artist to be nominated for Best Rap Performance.


She will also ‘B’ up against her fiancé, Offset, in said category–(the birth of a new music dynasty?).

With his many Emmy and Grammy wins, Donald Glover is well on his way to EGOT status, and that is impressive as fuqq–and goals as fuqq.

Understandably, “Despacito” was honored despite being one of the most over-played songs ever but it was, after all, like one of the biggest songs in the world. It is the first non-english song to be nominated for both Song and Record of the Year.

I ~almost~ have the entire chorus memorized.

Though she’s never won, this is the first time Katy Perry was not recognized for an eligible body of work. And I mean, Witness was alright, you know…but bitch also stole my googly eye look so idk.


Apparently there’s major drama in the music theatre world when it comes to Grammy nominations but that’s going to take a lot to get into so just take my word for it.

Season seven of Game of Thrones received a nod from the academy, as Ramin Djawadi’s score was nominated for Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media (against La La Land –which I wasn’t that impressed with?–Arrival, Hidden Figures, and Dunkirk–at least something Harry Styles was apart of was nominated).

Also, excuse me while I lol so hard bc “Look What You Made Me Do” was eligible…and the other two atrocity singles the snake put out this year but all of them were passed up.


“LWYMMD” was even eligible for best music video but nah, they saw right through that shit.


People are saying Ed Sheeran was snubbed but like Divide was annoying, so, no. He wasn’t.

2018’s list of nominees does hit on an important trend. The academy appears to have taken streaming success into consideration, as most of the categories are dominated by online chart toppers. And they did a modestly better job of beefing up diversity throughout all categories except Record of the Year (all men).

So anyway, despite my deeply felt annoyance around this year’s location change and lack of je ne sais quoi, I’ll definitely be tuning in. I have no idea who’z slated to perform but that will make the show a lil more exciting, I think.

As always, check out my Twitter page that day for the most annoying barrage of hilarious real-time Grammy commentary.



****note: i do not own any of the above images, and I’m okay with that.****

my 16 favorite Kimojis 

Released on the 21st of December, 2015, Kimoji are the most exciting communication enhancers since the original Emoji for iPhone. Over 500 meticulously animated virtual stickers perfect for texting, Tweeting, or perhaps for use in a google slides presentation for school. The stickers range in design from family members, to cars, to planes, to word bubbles, to fruit, to creme covered fruit, to kim as a nun, to kim as a hippie, to kim as a stripper, to kim as quite an advanced pole dancer, to kim as a cheerleader, to blonde kim, to happy kim, to mad kim, to sad kim, and to, of course, kim’s famous ugly cry:

Unfortunately, many of my friends do not have the app so I’m constantly just sending them kimojis and they can’t reply with kimojis so they just say something like ‘omg lol’ or some generic bullshit instead of entering into a real sticker fueled dialogue of substance and meaning and it’s kind of sad but I’m getting through it.160190b7-1954-49de-8d38-7a8f5272c7c2

(though i wouldn’t be opposed to seeing some kimoji slide into my dms)

Anyway, when the app was released, it has been disputed that it literally shut down the App Store. Which would seem logical since many experienced issues finding, downloading, and using the app. Vanity Fair investigated and found that there was no real evidence that her app led to the store crashing, and that the glitches were most likely due to the categorization of the app in the store (a common issue for newly-released apps).

However, all accounts seem to confirm the insane amount of downloads the app received on the first day, and one can not dispute the craze of personalized virtual stickers this began, which was picked up by Blac Chyna, Stephen Curry, and Justin Bieber. (Kim still reigns supreme in terms of downloads and content)

The best thing about Kimoji is that they are constantly adding new ones. The app has had 11 additions , or new packs, since its inception, and users only had to additionally purchase 2 packs, and the rest are automatically added to the Kimoji keyboard when the app is updated (for FREE).


Plus, Kim has recently come out with all kinds of dope a$$ merchandise for the virtual stickers, which you can check out here

Anyway, without any further ado and in no particular order, my 16 favorite Kimoji:



download Kimoji today from the App store and start communic8ing on a new level!


16 times KKW made my jaw drop in 2016

Despite Kim’s October 2016 leave from social media, we were lucky enough to have 10 good, prolific months of hot, hot, hot pics. These are 16 of my favorite; the ones that made my jaw drop the hardest:

16. no make up milf

15. body suits and a diamond choker

14. does this have you screaming ‘i wanna wake up with you in myyy beeeaaauuutifulll morrrrrning’?


13. it’s like she was swimming in the harbor and got caught in this old net and it just kind of perfectly laid over her body to strategically sort of cover her privates and she was like hell yeah this’ll do


12. the crop top, the fur, and the fuqqing pants, man. plus, kourt doesnt look too bad


11. first of all, blonde kim is my favorite kim, and this get up @ the famous installation did not disappoint


10. yeezy never fails


9. bikini tennis


8. the birthday shoutout for which i would give up everything in my life

7. she killed in this (and those collar bones)

6. the simplicity of this outfit makes it all the more hot


5. siiiiiiiiilver surrrrffffferrr


4. Met Gala Machina (2016’s theme was Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology, so the metallic, tin-man esque Balmain dress was the perfect showcase)

3. her GQ spread:


2. The VMAs





and honestly, these are just the smallest representation of the hot moments she had in 2016, and i’m hoping that 2017 will see her triumphant return to social media (and dear God i hope it’s a nude selfie)



There is no question that between #ANTI, the ANTI World Tour, her enormous clothing and shoe deals with Puma and Manolo Blahnik, her line of Dior sunglasses, being nominated for a whopping SIXTY TWO (62) awards (including Footwear News Acheivement’s Shoe of the Year and 8 Grammy noms) and being named 2016’s most streamed female artist on Spotify; Rihanna made 2016 her bitch.

Rihanna is probably my most favorite celebrity because she’s talented and she knows it. She isn’t trying to prove anything to anyone, she’s just doing her you know. her effortless confidence comes through in her music, her performances, and definitely her fashion.

Here are 16 of my favorite Rih looks from the year:

16. she’z zo cozy and still, zo hot.img_2706

15. Her Fenty Puma Fashion show, held at Paris’s glittering Hôtel Saloman de Rothschild of courze

14.One of her more iconic looks of 2016, that giant red, puff, Yves St. Laurent heart:

13. The Brit Awards (first of all, her tatts coming out from under the crop top; second of all, the bottoms are pants):



12. rih’s W magazine spread (also, jewelry is the sexiest thing someone can wear, and this jewel-encrusted shoot about killed me):


11. her lime green blazer in Berlin:


10. her #ANTI World Tour opening outfit and oversized blazer / trouser pant / bustier combo:

9. her ’90s inspired black outfit for the v music festival:


8. one of her VMA performance outfits (and my favorite of the night):


7. this incredible ad for her $16 anklet sock


6. out in Paris:


5. out in London in my favorite combination(other than avocado & toast), denim on denim:

4. her updo and that stray curl mixing with the subtle ruffling and choker collar are sending out sexy victorian vibes and i’m definitely down:

3. every year she heads home to Barbados for the Crop Over festival, which ends with the insane Carnival parade and every year, her outfit is never a disappointment. 2016’s Carnivale Look was no exception:

2. the updated  version of Stay she served up as a promo for  ANTI:

  1. this is my hottest look of 2016 by far and im not really sure why except she just literally looks so effortlessly cool with her hair and sunglasses and lipstick and nails and finger tatts and rings and her outfit is cool and she’s just casually sipping a corona from a straw.



Zo there you have it, my picks for 16 of rihanna’s hottest days of the past year. while doing zome research for this post, i came across way more than 16 hot days, so i thought i should share the rest via an honorable mention section:

Honorable Mentions







And of course, we need to congratulate Beyoncé on her 9 nominations, Rihanna, Kanye West, and Drake on their 8 nominations each, Chance the Rapper on his 7 nominations,  and Adele on her 5! (And literally everyone else nominated…great job, keep it up, go you guys, etc. etc)

2016, despite being shit in a lot of ways, was an insanely good year for music, and the nominations list reflects that.

i find Grammy season refreshing because you can discover new artists while scrolling through the extremely long list of Grammy Award categories, which i have painstakingly arranged below for your viewing pleasure, along with some of my picks for the winners.

To be honest, i fall pretty short and really had no opinion on a lot of the categories…but i mean no disrespect. i love the fact that there are so many different types of music and i respect the existence of it all but i just don’t really listen to most of the other types you know?

ok anyway, here we go::

Album of the Year:

{{{The fact that ‘Purpose’ was nominated and ANTI wasn’t boggles my mind but, moving past it, i couldn’t decide my favorite so I have two contenders…but they were both zo good}}}

  • “25”- Adele
  • “Lemonade”- Beyoncé
  • “Purpose”- Justin Bieber
  • “Views”- Drake
  • “A Sailor’s Guide to Earth”- Sturgill Simpson

Record of the Year:

{{{‘Hello’ is not my favorite Adele song, so that wasn’t in the running for me..and as much as I love ‘work’ i just feel like it could go more Beyoncé because ‘Formation’ is catchy and not in the annoying way like ‘Work’ is}}}

  • “Hello”- Adele
  • “Formation”- Beyoncé
  • “7 years”- Lukas Graham
  • “Work”- Rihanna Ft. Drake
  • “Stressed out”- Twenty One Pilots

Song of the Year: 

{{{I went simple on this one. ‘Love Yourself’ says really everything you need to say to an ex with the line ‘My mama don’t like you, and she likes everyone’ so it sold me right away}}}

  • “Formation”- Khalif Brown, Asheton Hogan, Beyoncé Knowles and Michael Williams II
  • “Hello”- Adele Adkins and Greg  Kurstin
  • “I took a Pill in Ibiza”- Mike Posner
  • “Love Yourself”
  • “7 years”- Lukas Forchhammer, Stefan Forest, Morten Pilegaard and Morten Ristorp

Best New Artist:

  • Kelsea Ballerini
  • The Chainsmokers
  • Chance the Rapper
  • Maren Morris
  • Anderson .Paak

Best Pop Vocal Album:

{{{I really couldn’t decide between ’25’ and ‘This is Acting’ but i have the slightest inclination that Adele will sweep most of the categories she appears in}}}

  • “25”-Adele
  • “Purpose”- Justin Bieber
  • “Dangerous Woman”- Ariana Grande
  • “Confident”- Demi Lovato
  • “This is Acting”- Sia

Best Dance/ Electronic Album:

{{{not knowledgeable enough to make a judgement, you decide:}}}

  • “Skin”- Flume
  • “Electronica 1: The Time Machine”- Jean-Michel Jarre
  • “Epoch”- Tycho
  • “Barbara Barbara, We Face a Shining Future”- Underworld
  • “Louie Vega Starring…XXVIII”- Louie Vega


Best Urban Contemporary Album:

{{{ANTI is life changing.}}}

  • “Lemonade”- Beyonce
  • “Ology”- Gallant
  • “We Are King”- King
  • “Malibu”- Anderson .Paak
  • “ANTI”- Rihanna

Best Rap Performance:

{{{‘no problem’ is an obvious winner}}}

  • “No Problem”- Chance the Rapper ft. Lil Wayne
  • “Panda”- Desiigner
  • “Pop Style”- Drake Ft. The Throne
  • “All the Way Up”- Fat Joe & Remy Ma Ft. French Montana and Infared
  • “THat Part”- Schoolboy Q ft. Kanye West

Best R&B performance

{{{even though i love Solange’s vibe, Rih is my obvious pick, plus ‘needed me’ is one of my favorites}}}

  • “Turnin’ Me Up” — BJ the Chicago Kid
  • “Permission” — Ro James
  • “I Do” — Musiq Soulchild
  • “Needed Me” — Rihanna
  • “Cranes In the Sky” — Solange

Best traditional R&B performance

{{{not knowledgeable enough to make a  judgement, you decide}}}

  • “The Three Of Me” — William Bell
  • “Woman’s World” — BJ the Chicago Kid
  • “Sleeping With the One I Love” — Fantasia
  • “Angel” — Lalah Hathaway
  • “Can’t Wait” — Jill Scott

Best R&B song

{{{‘Kiss it Better’ was initially not my favorite but those initial beats and the like ’90s feel it has just fuqqin kills}}}

  • “Come See Me” — J. Brathwaite, Aubrey Graham & Noah Shebib, songwriters (PartyNextDoor featuring Drake)
  • “Exchange” — Michael Hernandez & Bryson Tiller, songwriters (Bryson Tiller)
  • “Kiss It Better” — Jeff Bhasker, Robyn Fenty, John-Nathan Glass & Natalia Noemi, songwriters (Rihanna)
  • “Lake by the Ocean” — Hod David & Musze, songwriters (Maxwell)
  • “Luv” — Magnus August Høiberg, Benjamin Levin & Daystar Peterson, songwriters (Tory Lanez)

Best R&B album

{{{i’m not knowledgeable enough to make a  judgement, you decide}}}

  • “In My Mind” — BJ the Chicago Kid
  • “Lalah Hathaway Live” — Lalah Hathaway
  • “Velvet Portraits” — Terrace Martin
  • “Healing Season” — Mint Condition
  • “Smoove Jones” — Mya

Best rap/sung performance

{{{I fuqqing love ‘Freedom’ and ‘Ultralight Beam’ but i LOVE ‘Famous’, so..}}}

  • “Freedom” — Beyoncé featuring Kendrick Lamar
  • “Hotline Bling” — Drake
  • “Broccoli” — D.R.A.M. featuring Lil Yachty
  • “Ultralight Beam” — Kanye West featuring Chance the Rapper, Kelly Price, Kirk Franklin & the-Dream
  • “Famous” — Kanye West featuring Rihanna

Best rap song

{{{Again, i LOVE ‘Famous’}}}

  • “All the Way Up” — Joseph Cartagena, Edward Davadi, Shandel Green, Karim Kharbouch, Andre Christopher Lyon, Reminisce Mackie & Marcello Valenzano, songwriters (Fat Joe & Remy Ma featuring French Montana & Infared)
  • “Famous” — Chancelor Bennett, Ross Birchard, Ernest Brown, Andrew Dawson, Kasseem Dean, Mike Dean, Noah Goldstein, Kejuan Muchita, Patrick Reynolds, Kanye West & Cydel Young, songwriters (Kanye West featuring Rihanna)
  • “Hotline Bling” — Aubrey Graham & Paul Jefferies, songwriters (Drake)
  • “No Problem” — Chancelor Bennett, Dwayne Carter & Tauheed Epps, songwriters (Chance the Rapper featuring Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz)
  • Ultralight Beam” — Chancelor Bennett, Kasseem Dean, Mike Dean, Kirk Franklin, Noah Goldstein, Samuel Griesemer, Terius Nash, Jerome Potter, Kelly Price, Nico “Donnie Trumpet” Segal, Derek Watkins, Kanye West & Cydel Young, songwriters (Kanye West featuring Chance the Rapper, Kelly Price, Kirk Franklin & the-Dream)

Best rap album


  • “Coloring Book” — Chance the Rapper
  • “And the Anonymous Nobody” — De La Soul
  • “Major Key” — DJ Khaled
  • “Views” — Drake
  • “Blank Face LP” — Schoolboy Q
  • “The Life of Pablo” — Kanye West

Best music video

{{{One of my favorite music video directors, Melina Matsoukas is nomin8ed for Formation, if she wins, it will be her 2nd. Her 1st is from ‘We Found Love’, the masterpiece which you can watch it here}}}

  • “Formation” — (Beyoncé) Melina Matsoukas, video director; Nathan Scherrer, video producer
  • “River” — (Leon Bridges) Miles Jay, video director; Dennis Beier, Allison Kunzman & Saul Levitz, video producers
  • “Up & Up” — (Coldplay) Vania Heymann & Gal Muggia, video directors; Juliette Larthe & Natan Schottenfels, video producers
  • “Gosh” — (Jamie XX) Romain Gavras, video director; Iconoclast, video producers
  • “Upside Down & Inside Out” — (OK Go) Damian Kulash Jr. & Trish Sie, video directors; Melissa Murphy & John O’Grady, video producers

Best Rock Album:

{{{‘Blackstar’ was really the only one of these albums i listened to, so i’m literally biased but…safe bet}}}

  • “California”- Blink-182
  • “Tell Me I’m Pretty”- Cage the Elephant
  • “Magma”- Gojira
  • “Death of a Bachelor”- Panic! at the Disco
  • “Blackstar”- David Bowie
  • “The Hope Six Demolition Project”- PJ Harvey
  • “Post Pop Depression”- Iggy Pop
  • “A Moon Shaped Pool”- Radiohead

Best Country Solo Performance:


  • “Love Can Go To Hell”- Brandy Clark
  • “Vice”- Miranda Lambert
  • “My Church”- Maren Morris
  • “Church Bells”- Carrie Underwood
  • “Blue Ain’t Your Color”- Keith Urban

Best Jazz Vocal Album:

{{{love jazz but somehow missed these…lol}}}

  • “Sound of Red”- René Marie
  • “Upward Spiral”- Branford Marsalis Quartet with special guest Kurt Elling
  • “Take Me To The Alley”- Gregory Porter
  • “Harlem On My Mind”- Catherine Russell
  • “The String Variations”- The Tierney Sutton Band

Best Gospel Album- 

{{{also, couldn’t tell ya}}}

  • “Listen”- Tim Bowman Jr.
  • “Fill This House”- Shirley Caesar
  • “A Worshipper’s Heart” (Live)- Todd Dulaney
  • “Losing My Religion”- Kirk Franklin
  • “Demonstrate” (Live)- William Murphy

Best Christian music album:

{{{there was a time when i was up on all the hip christian music but…}}}

  • “Poets & Saints” — All Sons & Daughters
  • “American Prodigal” — Crowder
  • “Be One” — Natalie Grant
  • “Youth Revival [Live]” — Hillsong Young & Free
  • “Love Remains” — Hillary Scott & the Scott Family

Best Latin pop album:

{{{yeah, no..don’t know any of these but i bet they are good}}}

  • “Un Besito Mas” — Jesse & Joy
  • “Ilusión” — Gaby Moreno
  • “Similares” — Laura Pausini
  • “Seguir Latiendo” — Sanalejo
  • “Buena Vida” — Diego Torres

Best American roots performance:

{{{darn, missed these too}}}

  • “Ain’t No Man” — The Avett Brothers
  • “Mother’s Children Have a Hard Time” — Blind Boys of Alabama
  • “Factory Girl” — Rhiannon Giddens
  • “House of Mercy” — Sarah Jarosz
  • “Wreck You” — Lori McKenna

Best song written for visual media:

{{{‘Heathens’ is perfect for ‘Suicide Squad’}}}

  • “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” — Max Martin, Shellback & Justin Timberlake, songwriters (Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick, Gwen Stefani, James Corden, Zooey Deschanel, Walt Dohrn, Ron Funches, Caroline Hjelt, Aino Jawo, Christopher Mintz-Plasse & Kunal Nayyar). Track from: “Trolls”
  • “Heathens” — Tyler Joseph, songwriter (Twenty One Pilots). Track from: “Suicide Squad”
  • “Just Like Fire” — Oscar Holter, Max Martin, P!nk & Shellback, songwriters (P!nk). Track from: “Alice Through the Looking Glass”
  • “Purple Lamborghini” — Shamann Cooke, Sonny Moore & William Roberts, songwriters (Skrillex & Rick Ross). Track from: “Suicide Squad”
  • “Try Everything” — Mikkel S. Eriksen, Sia Furler & Tor Erik Hermansen, songwriters (Shakira). Track from: “Zootopia”
  • “The Veil” — Peter Gabriel, songwriter (Peter Gabriel). Track from: “Snowden”

Producer of the year, non-classical:

{{{not knowledgeable enough to make a  judgement, you decide}}}

  • Benny Blanco
  • Greg Kurstin
  • Max Martin
  • Nineteen85
  • Ricky Reed

Best rock song

{{{Bowie has the best chance of winning i think, though ‘Heathens’ is a good one}}}

  • “Blackstar” — David Bowie, songwriter (David Bowie)
  • “Burn the Witch” — Radiohead, songwriters (Radiohead)
  • “Hardwired” — James Hetfield & Lars Ulrich, songwriters (Metallica)
  • “Heathens” — Tyler Joseph, songwriter (Twenty One Pilots)
  • “My Name Is Human” — Rich Meyer, Ryan Meyer & Johnny Stevens, songwriters (Highly Suspect)

Best alternative music album

{{{alt and rock…so alt rock am i rite}}}

  • “22, a Million” — Bon Iver
  • “Blackstar” — David Bowie
  • “The Hope Six Demolition Project” — PJ Harvey
  • “Post Pop Depression” — Iggy Pop
  • “A Moon Shaped Pool” — Radiohead

Best rock performance

{{{‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’ is so dope because you feel like it is going to have this hard core beat but it’s just a simple drum set}}}

  • “Joe (Live From Austin City Limits)” — Alabama Shakes
  • “Don’t Hurt Yourself” — Beyoncé featuring Jack White
  • “Blackstar” — David Bowie
  • “The Sound of Silence (Live On Conan)” — Disturbed
  • “Heathens” — Twenty One Pilots

Best metal performance

{{{not really metal}}}

  • “Shock Me” — Baroness
  • “Silvera” — Gojira
  • “Rotting In Vain” — Korn
  • “Dystopia” — Megadeth
  • “The Price Is Wrong” — Periphery

Best country duo/group performance


  • “Different For Girls” — Dierks Bentley featuring Elle King
  • “21 Summer” — Brothers Osborne
  • “Setting the World On Fire” — Kenny Chesney & P!nk
  • “Jolene” — Pentatonix featuring Dolly Parton
  • “Think of You” — Chris Young With Cassadee Pope

Best country song

{{{nope. nope}}}

  • “Blue Ain’t Your Color” — Clint Lagerberg, Hillary Lindsey & Steven Lee Olsen, songwriters (Keith Urban)
  • “Die a Happy Man” — Sean Douglas, Thomas Rhett & Joe Spargur, songwriters (Thomas Rhett)
  • “Humble and Kind” — Lori McKenna, songwriter (Tim McGraw)
  • “My Church” — busbee & Maren Morris, songwriters (Maren Morris)
  • “Vice” — Miranda Lambert, Shane McAnally & Josh Osborne, songwriters (Miranda Lambert)

Best country album

{{{yeah, nope.}}}

  • “Big Day In a Small Town” — Brandy Clark
  • “Full Circle” — Loretta Lynn
  • “Hero” — Maren Morris
  • “A Sailor’s Guide to Earth” — Sturgill Simpson
  • “Ripcord” — Keith Urban

Best New Age album

{{{probably Enya?}}}

  • “Orogen” — John Burke
  • “Dark Sky Island” — Enya
  • “Inner Passion” — Peter Kater & Tina Guo
  • “Rosetta” — Vangelis
  • “White Sun II” – White Sun

Best improvised jazz solo

{{{Improv is my fave but idk}}}

  • “Countdown” — Joey Alexander, soloist
  • “In Movement” — Ravi Coltrane, soloist
  • “We See” — Fred Hersch, soloist
  • “I Concentrate On You” — Brad Mehldau, soloist
  • “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” — John Scofield, soloist

Best jazz instrumental album


  • “Book of Intuition” — Kenny Barron Trio
  • “Dr. Um” — Peter Erskine
  • “Sunday Night at the Vanguard” — The Fred Hersch Trio
  • “Nearness” — Joshua Redman & Brad Mehldau
  • “Country For Old Men” — John Scofield

Best large jazz ensemble album

{{{all of them?}}}

  • “Real Enemies” — Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society
  • “Presents Monk’estra, Vol. 1” — John Beasley
  • “Kaleidoscope Eyes: Music of the Beatles” — John Daversa
  • “All L.A. Band” — Bob Mintzer
  • “Presidential Suite: Eight Variations On Freedom” — Ted Nash Big Band

Best Latin jazz album


  • “Entre Colegas” — Andy González
  • “Madera Latino: A Latin Jazz Perspective on the Music of Woody Shaw” — Brian Lynch & Various Artists
  • “Canto América” — Michael Spiro/Wayne Wallace La Orquesta Sinfonietta
  • “30” — Trio Da Paz
  • “Tribute to Irakere: Live In Marciac” — Chucho Valdés

Best gospel performance/song

{{{Yez get it Hezekiah}}}

  • “It’s Alright, It’s OK” — Shirley Caesar featuring Anthony Hamilton
  • “You’re Bigger [Live]” — Jekalyn Carr
  • “Made A Way [Live]” — Travis Greene
  • “God Provides” — Tamela Mann
  • “Better” — Hezekiah Walker

Best contemporary Christian music performance/song


  • “Trust In You” — Lauren Daigle
  • “Priceless” — For King & Country
  • “King of the World” — Natalie Grant
  • “Thy Will” — Hillary Scott & the Scott Family
  • “Chain Breaker” — Zach Williams

Best contemporary Christian music album

{{{probably Hillsong}}}

  • “Poets & Saints” — All Sons & Daughters
  • “American Prodigal” — Crowder
  • “Be One” — Natalie Grant
  • “Youth Revival [Live]” — Hillsong Young & Free
  • “Love Remains” — Hillary Scott & the Scott Family

Best roots gospel album


  • “Better Together” — Gaither Vocal Band
  • “Nature’s Symphony In 432” — The Isaacs
  • “Hymns” — Joey+Rory
  • “Hymns and Songs of Inspiration” — Gordon Mote
  • “God Don’t Never Change: The Songs of Blind Willie Johnson” — (Various Artists)

Best Latin pop album

{{{yez more fusion}}}

  • “Un Besito Mas” — Jesse & Joy
  • “Ilusión” — Gaby Moreno
  • “Similares” — Laura Pausini
  • “Seguir Latiendo” — Sanalejo
  • “Buena Vida” — Diego Torres

Best Latin rock, urban or alternative album

{{{and more fusion!!}}}

  • “ilevitable” — ile
  • “L.H.O.N. (La Humanidad O Nosotros)” — Illya Kuryaki & the Valderamas
  • “Buenaventura” — La Santa Cecilia
  • “Los Rakas” — Los Rakas
  • “Amor Supremo” — Carla Morrison

Best regional Mexican music album (including Tejano)

{{{not knowledgeable enough to make a  judgement, you decide}}}

  • “Raíces” — Banda El Recodo De Cruz Lizárraga
  • “Hecho A Mano” — Joss Favela
  • “Un Azteca En El Azteca, Vol. 1 (En Vivo)” — Vicente Fernández
  • “Generación Maquinaria Est. 2006.” — La Maquinaria Norteña
  • “Tributo A Joan Sebastian Y Rigoberto Alfaro” — Mariachi Divas De Cindy Shea

Best tropical Latin album


  • “Conexión” — Fonseca
  • “La Fantasia Homenaje A Juan Formell” — Formell Y Los Van Van
  • “35 Aniversario” — Grupo Niche
  • “La Sonora Santanera En Su 60 Aniversario” — La Sonora Santanera
  • “Donde Están?” — Jose Lugo & Guasábara Combo

Best American roots performance

{{{missed these}}}

  • “Ain’t No Man” — The Avett Brothers
  • “Mother’s Children Have a Hard Time” — Blind Boys of Alabama
  • “Factory Girl” — Rhiannon Giddens
  • “House of Mercy” — Sarah Jarosz
  • “Wreck You” — Lori McKenna

American roots music

{{{not knowledgeable enough to make a  judgement, you decide}}}

  • “Alabama at Night” — Robbie Fulks
  • “City Lights” — Jack White
  • “Gulfstream” — Roddie Romero and the Hub City All-Stars
  • “Kid Sister” — The Time Jumpers
  • “Wreck You” — Lori McKenna

Best Americana album

{{{yezz True Sadness is how i would describe america @ times}}}

  • “True Sadness” — The Avett Brothers
  • “This Is Where I Live” — William Bell
  • “The Cedar Creek Sessions” — Kris Kristofferson
  • “The Bird & the Rifle” — Lori McKenna
  • “Kid Sister” — The Time Jumpers

Best bluegrass album

{{{i like the idea of bluegrass}}}

  • “Original Traditional” — Blue Highway
  • “Burden Bearer” — Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
  • “The Hazel and Alice Sessions” — Laurie Lewis & the Right Hands
  • “North By South” — Claire Lynch
  • “Coming Home” — O’Connor Band With Mark O’Connor

Best traditional blues album

{{{There’s an album called ‘Porcupine Meat’ so that’s cultural}}}

  • “Can’t Shake This Feeling” — Lurrie Bell
  • “Live at the Greek Theatre” — Joe Bonamassa
  • “Blues & Ballads (A Folksinger’s Songbook: Volumes I & II)” — Luther Dickinson
  • “The Soul of Jimmie Rodgers” — Vasti Jackson
  • “Porcupine Meat” — Bobby Rush

Best contemporary blues album

{{{not knowledgeable enough to make a  judgement, you decide}}}

  • “The Last Days of Oakland” — Fantastic Negrito
  • “Love Wins Again” — Janiva Magness
  • “Bloodline” — Kenny Neal
  • “Give It Back to You” — The Record Company
  • “Everybody Wants a Piece” — Joe Louis Walker

Best folk album

{{{not knowledgeable enough to make a  judgement, you decide}}}

  • “Silver Skies Blue” — Judy Collins & Ari Hest
  • “Upland Stories” — Robbie Fulks
  • “Factory Girl” — Rhiannon Giddens
  • “Weighted Mind” — Sierra Hull
  • “Undercurrent” — Sarah Jarosz

Best regional roots music album

{{{not knowledgeable enough to make a  judgement, you decide}}}

  • “Broken Promised Land” — Barry Jean Ancelet & Sam Broussard
  • “It’s a Cree Thing” — Northern Cree
  • “E Walea” — Kalani Pe’a
  • “Gulfstream” — Roddie Romero and the Hub City All-Stars
  • “I Wanna Sing Right: Rediscovering Lomax In the Evangeline Country” —  (Various Artists)

Best reggae album


  • “Sly & Robbie Presents … Reggae For Her” — Devin Di Dakta & J.L
  • “Rose Petals” — J Boog
  • “Ziggy Marley” — Ziggy Marley
  • “Everlasting” — Raging Fyah
  • “Falling Into Place” — Rebelution
  • “SOJA: Live In Virginia” — SOJA

Best world music album

{{{You LOVE ladysmith black mambazo!!!!!!}}}}

  • “Destiny” — Celtic Woman
  • “Walking In the Footsteps Of Our Fathers” — Ladysmith Black Mambazo
  • “Sing Me Home” — Yo-Yo Ma & the Silk Road Ensemble
  • “Land Of Gold” — Anoushka Shankar
  • “Dois Amigos, Um Século De Música: Multishow Live” — Caetano Veloso & Gilberto Gil

Best children’s album

{{{kids are the worst also why isn’t Kidz Bop nomin8ed?}}}

  • “Explorer Of the World” — Frances England
  • “Infinity Plus One” — Secret Agent 23 Skidoo
  • “Novelties” — Recess Monkey
  • “Press Play” — Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could
  • “Saddle Up” — The Okee Dokee Brothers

Best comedy album

{{{Lol Amy Schumer!}}}

  • “… America … Great …” — David Cross
  • “American Myth” — Margaret Cho
  • “Boyish Girl Interrupted” — Tig Notaro
  • “Live at the Apollo” — Amy Schumer
  • “Talking For Clapping” — Patton Oswalt

Best spoken word album (includes poetry, audio books & storytelling):

{{{wut amy schumer again}}}

  • “The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo” — Amy Schumer
  • “In Such Good Company: Eleven Years Of Laughter, Mayhem, And Fun In the Sandbox” — Carol Burnett
  • “M Train” — Patti Smith
  • “Under the Big Black Sun: A Personal History Of L.A. Punk (John Doe With Tom DeSavia)” — (Various Artists)
  • “Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink” — Elvis Costello

Best musical theater album

{{{@ 3 I started Hebrew School, @ 10 i learned a trade, I hear they picked a bride for me i hope (beat, beat) she’s pretty}}}

  • “Bright Star”
  • “The Color Purple”
  • “Fiddler On the Roof” 
  • “Kinky Boots”
  • “Waitress”

Best compilation soundtrack for visual media

{{{Amy managed to tear my heart out and a lot of it was the soundtrack}}}

  • “Amy” (Various Artists)
  • “Miles Ahead” (Miles Davis & Various Artists)
  • “Straight Outta Compton” (Various Artists)
  • “Suicide Squad” (Collector’s Edition) (Various Artists)
  • “Vinyl: The Essentials Season 1″ (Various Artists)

Best score soundtrack for visual media

{{{not knowledgeable enough to make a  judgement, you decide}}}

  • “Bridge of Spies” — Thomas Newman, composer
  • “Quentin Tarantino’s the Hateful Eight” — Ennio Morricone, composer
  • “The Revenant” — Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto, composers
  • “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” — John Williams, composer
  • “Stranger Things Volume 1″ — Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein, composers
  • “Stranger Things Volume 2” — Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein, composers

Best instrumental composition

{{{not knowledgeable enough to make a  judgement, you decide}}}

  • “Bridge of Spies (End Title)” — Thomas Newman, composer
  • “The Expensive Train Set (An Epic Sarahnade For Double Big Band)” — Tim Davies, composer
  • “Flow” — Alan Ferber, composer
  • “L’Ultima Diligenza Di Red Rock”  Versione Integrale — Ennio Morricone, composer
  • “Spoken at Midnight” — Ted Nash, composer

Best arrangement, instrumental or a cappella

{{{not knowledgeable enough to make a  judgement, you decide}}}

  • “Ask Me Now” — John Beasley, arranger
  • “Good Swing Wenceslas” — Sammy Nestico, arranger
  • “Linus & Lucy” — Christian Jacob, arranger
  • “Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds” — John Daversa, arranger
  • “We Three Kings” — Ted Nash, arranger
  • “You And I” — Jacob Collier, arrange

Best arrangement, instruments and vocals

{{{not knowledgeable enough to make a  judgement, you decide}}}

  • “Do You Hear What I Hear?” — Gordon Goodwin, arranger (Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band Featuring Take 6)
  • “Do You Want To Know a Secret” — John Daversa, arranger (John Daversa Featuring Renee Olstead)
  • “Flintstones” — Jacob Collier, arranger (Jacob Collier)
  • “I’m a Fool to Want You” — Alan Broadbent, arranger (Kristin Chenoweth)
  • “Somewhere (Dirty Blvd)” (Extended Version) — Billy Childs & Larry Klein, arrangers (Lang Lang Featuring Lisa Fischer & Jeffrey Wright)

Best recording package

{{{always loyal}}}

  • “Anti” (Deluxe Edition) — Ciarra Pardo & Robyn Fenty, art directors (Rihanna)
  • “Blackstar” — Jonathan Barnbrook, art director (David Bowie)
  • “Human Performance” — Andrew Savage, art director (Parquet Courts)
  • “Sunset Motel” — Sarah Dodds & Shauna Dodds, art directors (Reckless Kelly)
  • “22, A Million” — Eric Timothy Carlson, art director (Bon Iver)

Best boxed or special limited edition package

{{{not knowledgeable enough to make a  judgement, you decide}}}

  • “Edith Piaf 1915-2015” — Gérard Lo Monaco, art director (Edith Piaf)
  • “401 Days” — Jonathan Dagan & Mathias Høst Normark, art directors (J.Views)
  • “I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It” (Box Set) — Samuel Burgess-Johnson & Matthew Healy, art directors (The 1975)
  • “Paper Wheels” (Deluxe Limited Edition) — Matt Taylor, art director (Trey Anastasio)
  • “Tug of War” (Deluxe Edition) — Simon Earith & James Musgrave, art directors (Paul McCartney)

Best album notes

{{{not knowledgeable enough to make a  judgement, you decide}}}

  • “The Complete Monument & Columbia Albums Collection” — Mikal Gilmore, album notes writer (Kris Kristofferson)
  • “The Knoxville Sessions, 1929-1930: Knox County Stomp” — Ted Olson & Tony Russell, album notes writers (Various Artists)
  • “Ork Records: New York, New York” — Rob Sevier & Ken Shipley, album notes writers (Various Artists)
  • “Sissle and Blake Sing Shuffle Along” — Ken Bloom & Richard Carlin, album notes writers (Eubie Blake & Noble Sissle)
  • “Waxing the Gospel: Mass Evangelism & the Phonograph, 1890-1900” — Richard Martin, album notes writer (Various Artists)

Best historical album

{{{not knowledgeable enough to make a  judgement, you decide}}}

  • “The Cutting Edge 1965-1966: The Bootleg Series, Vol.12” (Collector’s Edition) (Bob Dylan)
  • “Music Of Morocco From the Library of Congress: Recorded By Paul Bowles, 1959” (Various Artists)
  • “Ork Records: New York, New York” (Various Artists)
  • “Vladimir Horowitz: The Unreleased Live Recordings 1966-1983” (Vladimir Horowitz)
  • “Waxing the Gospel: Mass Evangelism & the Phonograph, 1890-1900” (Various Artists)

Best engineered album, non-classical

{{{not knowledgeable enough to make a  judgement, you decide}}}

  • “Are You Serious” — Tchad Blake & David Boucher, engineers; Bob Ludwig, mastering engineer (Andrew Bird)
  • “Blackstar” — David Bowie, Tom Elmhirst, Kevin Killen & Tony Visconti, engineers; Joe LaPorta, mastering engineer (David Bowie)
  • “Dig In Deep” — Ryan Freeland, engineer; Kim Rosen, mastering engineer (Bonnie Raitt)
  • “Hit N Run Phase Two” — Booker T., Dylan Dresdow, Chris James, Prince & Justin Stanley, engineers; Dylan Dresdow, mastering engineer (Prince)
  • “Undercurrent” — Shani Gandhi & Gary Paczosa, engineers; Paul Blakemore, mastering engineer (Sarah Jarosz)

Producer of the year, non-classical

{{{not knowledgeable enough to make a  judgement, you decide}}}

  • Benny Blanco
  • Greg Kurstin
  • Max Martin
  • Nineteen85
  • Ricky Reed

Best remixed recording

{{{not knowledgeable enough to make a  judgement, you decide}}}

  • “Cali Coast” (Psionics Remix) — Josh Williams, remixer (Soul Pacific)
  • “Heavy Star Movin’” (staRo Remix) — staRo, remixer (The Silver Lake Chorus)
  • “Nineteen Hundred Eighty-Five” (Timo Maas & James Teej Remix) — Timo Maas & James Teej, remixers (Paul McCartney & Wings)
  • “Only” (Kaskade x Lipless Remix) — Ryan Raddon, remixer (Ry X)
  • “Tearing Me Up” (RAC Remix) — André Allen Anjos, remixer (Bob Moses)
  • “Wide Open” (Joe Goddard Remix) — Joe Goddard, remixer (The Chemical Brothers)

Best surround sound album

{{{not knowledgeable enough to make a  judgement, you decide}}}

  • “Dutilleux: Sur Le Même Accord; Les Citations; Mystère De L’instant & Timbres, Espace, Mouvement” — Alexander Lipay & Dmitriy Lipay, surround mix engineers; Dmitriy Lipay, surround mastering engineer; Dmitriy Lipay, surround producer (Ludovic Morlot & Seattle Symphony)
  • “Johnson: Considering Matthew Shepard” — Brad Michel, surround mix engineer; Brad Michel, surround mastering engineer; Robina G. Young, surround producer (Craig Hella Johnson & Conspirare)
  • “Maja S.K. Ratkje: And Sing …” — Morten Lindberg, surround mix engineer; Morten Lindberg, surround mastering engineer; Morten Lindberg, surround producer (Maja S.K. Ratkje, Cikada & Oslo Sinfonietta)
  • “Primus & the Chocolate Factory” (5.1 Surround Sound Edition) — Les Claypool, surround mix engineer; Stephen Marcussen, surround mastering engineer; Les Claypool, surround producer (Primus)
  • “Reflections” — Morten Lindberg, surround mix engineer; Morten Lindberg, surround mastering engineer; Morten Lindberg, surround producer (Øyvind Gimse, Geir Inge Lotsberg & Trondheimsolistene)

Best engineered album, classical

{{{not knowledgeable enough to make a  judgement, you decide}}}

  • “Corigliano: The Ghosts of Versailles” — Mark Donahue & Fred Vogler, engineers (James Conlon, Guanqun Yu, Joshua Guerrero, Patricia Racette, Christopher Maltman, Lucy Schaufer, Lucas Meachem, LA Opera Chorus & Orchestra)
  • “Dutilleux: Sur Le Même Accord; Les Citations; Mystère De L’Instant & Timbres, Espace, Mouvement” — Alexander Lipay & Dmitriy Lipay, engineers (Ludovic Morlot & Seattle Symphony)
  • “Reflections” — Morten Lindberg, engineer (Øyvind Gimse, Geir Inge Lotsberg & Trondheimsolistene)
  • “Shadow of Sirius” — Silas Brown & David Frost, engineers; Silas Brown, mastering engineer (Jerry F. Junkin & the University Of Texas Wind Ensemble)
  • “Shostakovich: Under Stalin’s Shadow  Symphonies Nos. 5, 8 & 9” — Shawn Murphy & Nick Squire, engineers; Tim Martyn, mastering engineer (Andris Nelsons & Boston Symphony Orchestra)

Producer of the year, classical

{{{not knowledgeable enough to make a  judgement, you decide}}}

  • Blanton Alspaugh
  • David Frost
  • Marina A. Ledin, Victor Ledin
  • Judith Sherman
  • Robina G. Young

Best orchestral performance

{{{not knowledgeable enough to make a  judgement, you decide}}}

  • “Bates: Works for Orchestra” — Michael Tilson Thomas, conductor (San Francisco Symphony)
  • “Ibert: Orchestral Works” — Neeme Järvi, conductor (Orchestre De La Suisse Romande)
  • “Prokofiev: Symphony No. 5 In B-Flat Major, Op. 100” — Mariss Jansons, conductor (Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra)
  • “Rouse: Odna Zhizn; Symphonies 3 & 4; Prospero’s Rooms” — Alan Gilbert, conductor (New York Philharmonic)
  • “Shostakovich: Under Stalin’s Shadow – Symphonies Nos. 5, 8 & 9” — Andris Nelsons, conductor (Boston Symphony Orchestra)

Best opera recording

{{{not knowledgeable enough to make a  judgement, you decide}}}

  • “Corigliano: The Ghosts of Versailles” — James Conlon, conductor; Joshua Guerrero, Christopher Maltman, Lucas Meachem, Patricia Racette, Lucy Schaufer & Guanqun Yu; Blanton Alspaugh, producer (LA Opera Orchestra; LA Opera Chorus)
  • “Handel: Giulio Cesare” — Giovanni Antonini, conductor; Cecilia Bartoli, Philippe Jaroussky, Andreas Scholl & Anne-Sofie von Otter; Samuel Theis, producer (Il Giardino Armonico)
  • “Higdon: Cold Mountain” — Miguel Harth-Bedoya, conductor; Emily Fons, Nathan Gunn, Isabel Leonard & Jay Hunter Morris; Elizabeth Ostrow, producer (The Santa Fe Opera Orchestra; Santa Fe Opera Apprentice Program for Singers)
  • “Mozart: Le Nozze Di Figaro” — Yannick Nézet-Séguin, conductor; Thomas Hampson, Christiane Karg, Luca Pisaroni & Sonya Yoncheva; Daniel Zalay, producer (Chamber Orchestra of Europe; Vocalensemble Rastatt)
  • “Szymanowski: Król Roger” — Antonio Pappano, conductor; Georgia Jarman, Mariusz Kwiecień & Saimir Pirgu; Jonathan Allen, producer (Orchestra of the Royal Opera House; Royal Opera Chorus)

Best choral performance

{{{not knowledgeable enough to make a  judgement, you decide}}}

  • “Himmelrand” — Elisabeth Holte, conductor (Marianne Reidarsdatter Eriksen, Ragnfrid Lie & Matilda Sterby; Inger-Lise Ulsrud; Uranienborg Vokalensemble)
  • “Janáček: Glagolitic Mass” — Edward Gardner, conductor; Håkon Matti Skrede, chorus master (Susan Bickley, Gábor Bretz, Sara Jakubiak & Stuart Skelton; Thomas Trotter; Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra; Bergen Cathedral Choir, Bergen Philharmonic Choir, Choir of Collegium Musicum & Edvard Grieg Kor)
  • “Lloyd: Bonhoeffer” — Donald Nally, conductor (Malavika Godbole, John Grecia, Rebecca Harris & Thomas Mesa; the Crossing)
  • “Penderecki Conducts Penderecki, Volume 1” — Krzysztof Penderecki, conductor; Henryk Wojnarowski, choir director (Nikolay Didenko, Agnieszka Rehlis & Johanna Rusanen; Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra; Warsaw Philharmonic Choir)
  • “Steinberg: Passion Week” — Steven Fox, conductor (The Clarion Choir)

Best chamber music/small ensemble performance

{{{not knowledgeable enough to make a  judgement, you decide}}}

  • “Fitelberg: Chamber Works” — ARC Ensemble
  • “Reflections” — Øyvind Gimse, Geir Inge Lotsberg & Trondheimsolistene
  • “Serious Business” — Spektral Quartet
  • “Steve Reich” — Third Coast Percussion
  • “Trios From Our Homelands” — Lincoln Trio

Best classical instrumental solo

{{{not knowledgeable enough to make a  judgement, you decide}}}

  • “Adams, J.: Scheherazade.2” — Leila Josefowicz; David Robertson, conductor (Chester Englander; St. Louis Symphony)
  • “Daugherty: Tales of Hemingway” — Zuill Bailey; Giancarlo Guerrero, conductor (Nashville Symphony)
  • “Dvořák: Violin Concerto & Romance; Suk: Fantasy” — Christian Tetzlaff; John Storgårds, conductor (Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra)
  • “Mozart: Keyboard Music, Vols. 8 & 9” – Kristian Bezuidenhout
  • “1930’s Violin Concertos, Vol. 2” – Gil Shaham; Stéphane Denève, conductor (The Knights & Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra)

Best classical solo vocal album

{{{not knowledgeable enough to make a  judgement, you decide}}}

  • “Monteverdi” — Magdalena Kožená; Andrea Marcon, conductor (David Feldman, Michael Feyfar, Jakob Pilgram & Luca Tittoto; La Cetra Barockorchester Basel)
  • “Mozart: The Weber Sisters” — Sabine Devieilhe; Raphaël Pichon, conductor (Pygmalion)
  • “Schumann & Berg” — Dorothea Röschmann; Mitsuko Uchida, accompanist
  • “Shakespeare Songs” — Ian Bostridge; Antonio Pappano, accompanist (Michael Collins, Elizabeth Kenny, Lawrence Power & Adam Walker)
  • “Verismo” — Anna Netrebko; Antonio Pappano, conductor (Yusif Eyvazov; Coro Dell’Accademia Nazionale Di Santa Cecilia; Orchestra Dell’Accademia Nazionale Di Santa Cecilia)

Best classical compendium

{{{not knowledgeable enough to make a  judgement, you decide}}}

  • “Daugherty: Tales of Hemingway; American Gothic; Once Upon A Castle” — Giancarlo Guerrero, conductor; Tim Handley, producer
  • “Gesualdo” — Tõnu Kaljuste, conductor; Manfred Eicher, producer
  • “Vaughan Williams: Discoveries” — Martyn Brabbins, conductor; Andrew Walton, producer
  • “Wolfgang: Passing Through” — Judith Farmer & Gernot Wolfgang, producers; (Various Artists)
  • “Zappa: 200 Motels – The Suites” — Esa-Pekka Salonen, conductor; Frank Filipetti & Gail Zappa, producers

Best contemporary classical composition

{{{not knowledgeable enough to make a  judgement, you decide}}}

  • “Bates: Anthology of Fantastic Zoology” — Mason Bates, composer (Riccardo Muti & Chicago Symphony Orchestra)
  • “Daugherty: Tales of Hemingway” — Michael Daugherty, composer (Zuill Bailey, Giancarlo Guerrero & Nashville Symphony)
  • “Higdon: Cold Mountain” — Jennifer Higdon, composer; Gene Scheer, librettist (Miguel Harth-Bedoya, Jay Hunter Morris, Emily Fons, Isabel Leonard, Nathan Gunn & the Santa Fe Opera)
  • “Theofanidis: Bassoon Concerto” — Christopher Theofanidis, composer (Martin Kuuskmann, Barry Jekowsky & Northwest Sinfonia)
  • “Winger: Conversations With Nijinsky” — C. F. Kip Winger, composer (Martin West & San Francisco Ballet Orchestra)

Best music film


  • “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead: Steve Aoki” — Justin Krook, video director; Brent Almond, Matt Colon, David Gelb, Ryan Kavanaugh, Happy Walters & Matthew Weaver, video producers
  • “The Beatles: Eight Days a Week the Touring Years” —  Ron Howard, video director; Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Scott Pascucci & Nigel Sinclair, video producers
  • “Lemonade” Beyoncé Knowles Carter & Kahlil Joseph, video directors; Beyoncé Knowles Carter, video producer
  • “The Music of Strangers” — Yo-Yo Ma & the Silk Road Ensemble Morgan Neville, video director; Caitrin Rogers, video producer
  • “American Saturday Night: Live From the Grand Ole Opry” — George J. Flanigen IV, video director; John Burke & Lindsey Clark, video producers


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