edmond’s got to grow

As the formerly self-proclaimed prince of Edmond, it’s well past time that I turn my focus from the comforts of living in suburbia to and begin to understand the extreme ~lack~ of those same comforts to citizens of said suburb who happen to have differing skin tones, nationalities, and socioeconomic realities. I’m not quite theContinue reading “edmond’s got to grow”

Two Days in PARK CITY

Okay people, we’re about to talk about one of my favorite places on the planet–a tiny mountain enclave of rustic luxury tucked just 2,774 feet above and to the east of  Salt Lake City. I’ve skied here a few times in middle and high school, but kept coming back for the CULTURE and the VIEWSContinue reading “Two Days in PARK CITY”

what to binge 2019

OK  PEOPLE A WHOLE NEW CROP OF SHOWS EXIST AND I. AM. LIVING. But Sunday May 12th I did die a little because VEEP came to an end. The 7th season reminded viewers that it was nothing short of one of the most fucking hilarious shows ever conceived. Take a look at what I’ve bingedContinue reading “what to binge 2019”

real pics w/ raina did it again pt. 2!!

seriously book her todae!! i mean you won’t look nearly as good as i do, but the photo itself will still be v v v high quality. Follow this to her instagram! -chasertheprince