Edmond Election: April 6th

Important elections are taking place APRIL 6. If you live in the City of Edmond, please consider learning more about these candidates and entrusting them with your vote. I believe these are the people Edmond needs at its helm. MAYOR: DARREL DAVIS CITY COUNCIL WARD 3: CHRISTIN MUGG Edmond School Board: LEE ANN KUHLMAN NOTContinue reading “Edmond Election: April 6th”

evermore: a review

ANYONE WHO KNOWS ME KNOWS THIS IS NOT AN EASY THING TO SAY, BUT ALAS, I FIND MYSELF SAYING IT: I actually enjoyed most of Evermore immensely from the first moment I pressed play. [my knuckles pain me for typing that, but I must be a beacon of truth] Truthfully I have always thought ofContinue reading “evermore: a review”


From “Pretend It’s A City” to “The Undoing”, around to “Bridgerton” and beyond, this is what I’ve binged recently, and you should too.

edmond’s got to grow

As the formerly self-proclaimed prince of Edmond, it’s well past time that I turn my focus from the comforts of living in suburbia to and begin to understand the extreme ~lack~ of those same comforts to citizens of said suburb who happen to have differing skin tones, nationalities, and socioeconomic realities. I’m not quite theContinue reading “edmond’s got to grow”

26 shows to make that self-imposed quarantine fly by

Self imposed quarantine got you down? Here’s 26 of my favorite shows of the moment to help that isolation fly right by!

O come O come Emmanuel

One of my favorite recordings we’ve done for our Christmas CDs is “O Come O Come Emmanuel” hands-down: Carlee’s voice is so insanely good and takes you to a place where you’re really saying okay people Mary and Joseph need a place to STAY they’re having a BBY and he’s THE KING OF THE WORLD.Continue reading “O come O come Emmanuel”

Two Days in PARK CITY

Okay people, we’re about to talk about one of my favorite places on the planet–a tiny mountain enclave of rustic luxury tucked just 2,774 feet above and to the east of  Salt Lake City. I’ve skied here a few times in middle and high school, but kept coming back for the CULTURE and the VIEWSContinue reading “Two Days in PARK CITY”