evermore: a review

evermore: a review


I actually enjoyed most of Evermore immensely from the first moment I pressed play. [my knuckles pain me for typing that, but I must be a beacon of truth]

Truthfully I have always thought of the 🐍 as an excellent songwriter, she’s just *not* the kind of bitch I really ever want to hang out with. Ever. Main character syndrome meets the perpetual victim, you know!?

Anyway, I digress.

This album is a vibe. The light, swirling, Americana-adjacent vibe the end of 2020 needed. So much better than Folklore. Like so, so much better than Folklore in my opinion. Just different I guess, but I wasn’t into the lore.

From the opening guitar on “Willow” to the bonus tracks added January 7th, there’s Swift penned hit after hit and I’m here for some of it!!!!

The following are my favorites from the album. I seriously hate “Tolerate It” or whatever. Like 100% could be removed from the whole universe tomorrow and the universe may be better for it? The line “my love should be celebrated” or whatever is just like, so….well, see paragraph 3, third sentence above.

OTHER THAN THAT, it’s good, it’s a vibe, Taylor stays in the pocket she should: soft singing, and delivers.


The instrumentation alone is enough to make this one of my favorite songs of 2020. Wreck my plans, bb, please.


From the moment I heard this song on, I have been referring to all of my problems as “champagne problems” and honestly it makes them so much easier to deal with.


The excitement that the verses build. I mean. It really makes me feel like I’m driving through the woods with my beautiful as fuqq lover. And it also makes me think about myself with that gorgeous line “WHAT MUST IT BE LIKE TO GROW UP THAT BEAUTIFUL, WITH YOUR HAIR FALLING INTO PLACE LIKE DOMINOS.” LMAO jk i wasn’t this beautiful from day one, i earned this shit.


An evolved “Goodbye Earl”. I’m here for it. Songs that begin with sirens kind of frustrate me, but it was appropriate so I’ll let her have that one. Love it, truly.


I like the bouncing chorus, it makes me think of a sweet little old lady I used to know named Dorothy.


I love the metaphor of being covered in someone else like ivy covers a building. I love the “oh, goddamn, my pain fits in the palm of your freeing hand”. Taylor Swift has a way of putting things.

Right where YOU left me

I mean this is quickly headed toward “i am nothing without the emotional reactions you cause me”, but i like the beat and the melody. This girl is always being left with no choice other than acting in a way that she can’t control….but it’s chill. I like the song lol.

And there you have it, my favorite songs from EVERMORE and truly, no one was more surprised in my enjoyment than me. I haven’t liked a Taylor Swift song since “Look What You Made Me Do” became the club bop of club bops. Even then I was still annoyed, like take responsibility for one action, please Miss Swift.

I’ve read rumors of a third album dropping soon, so it’ll be interesting to see what comes of it. Maybe I’ll even review that one as well.


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