YOU’LL BE BACK (from ‘HAMILTON’) a cover by chasertheprince


“You’ll Be Back” – King George III’s unnerved retort to America’s independence, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, performed by chasertheprince.

Film by: chasertheprince & Kennady Ritter

Song produced by Ciara Brooke

 Listen NOW on all platformz {bc I get it, 3:30 is a long time to look @ my face} [i mean not for me, but…]




  1. As your Mother…I had no idea what to expect when you were digging thru my closet and working on your “project”, and as your Mother, you know I am proud of just about everything you do. But holy cow, I get chills every time I watch this and I am so DAMN impressed at how much you look like me and how relieved I am you didn’t get my voice! Way to go Ciera and Kennady bringing the “shy” out of my son!
    Love, love, love it!


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