There is no question that between #ANTI, the ANTI World Tour, her enormous clothing and shoe deals with Puma and Manolo Blahnik, her line of Dior sunglasses, being nominated for a whopping SIXTY TWO (62) awards (including Footwear News Acheivement’s Shoe of the Year and 8 Grammy noms) and being named 2016’s most streamed female artist on Spotify; Rihanna made 2016 her bitch.

Rihanna is probably my most favorite celebrity because she’s talented and she knows it. She isn’t trying to prove anything to anyone, she’s just doing her you know. her effortless confidence comes through in her music, her performances, and definitely her fashion.

Here are 16 of my favorite Rih looks from the year:

16. she’z zo cozy and still, zo hot.img_2706

15. Her Fenty Puma Fashion show, held at Paris’s glittering Hôtel Saloman de Rothschild of courze

14.One of her more iconic looks of 2016, that giant red, puff, Yves St. Laurent heart:

13. The Brit Awards (first of all, her tatts coming out from under the crop top; second of all, the bottoms are pants):



12. rih’s W magazine spread (also, jewelry is the sexiest thing someone can wear, and this jewel-encrusted shoot about killed me):


11. her lime green blazer in Berlin:


10. her #ANTI World Tour opening outfit and oversized blazer / trouser pant / bustier combo:

9. her ’90s inspired black outfit for the v music festival:


8. one of her VMA performance outfits (and my favorite of the night):


7. this incredible ad for her $16 anklet sock


6. out in Paris:


5. out in London in my favorite combination(other than avocado & toast), denim on denim:

4. her updo and that stray curl mixing with the subtle ruffling and choker collar are sending out sexy victorian vibes and i’m definitely down:

3. every year she heads home to Barbados for the Crop Over festival, which ends with the insane Carnival parade and every year, her outfit is never a disappointment. 2016’s Carnivale Look was no exception:

2. the updated  version of Stay she served up as a promo for  ANTI:

  1. this is my hottest look of 2016 by far and im not really sure why except she just literally looks so effortlessly cool with her hair and sunglasses and lipstick and nails and finger tatts and rings and her outfit is cool and she’s just casually sipping a corona from a straw.



Zo there you have it, my picks for 16 of rihanna’s hottest days of the past year. while doing zome research for this post, i came across way more than 16 hot days, so i thought i should share the rest via an honorable mention section:

Honorable Mentions