16 times KKW made my jaw drop in 2016

Despite Kim’s October 2016 leave from social media, we were lucky enough to have 10 good, prolific months of hot, hot, hot pics. These are 16 of my favorite; the ones that made my jaw drop the hardest:

16. no make up milf

15. body suits and a diamond choker

14. does this have you screaming ‘i wanna wake up with you in myyy beeeaaauuutifulll morrrrrning’?


13. it’s like she was swimming in the harbor and got caught in this old net and it just kind of perfectly laid over her body to strategically sort of cover her privates and she was like hell yeah this’ll do


12. the crop top, the fur, and the fuqqing pants, man. plus, kourt doesnt look too bad


11. first of all, blonde kim is my favorite kim, and this get up @ the famous installation did not disappoint


10. yeezy never fails


9. bikini tennis


8. the birthday shoutout for which i would give up everything in my life

7. she killed in this (and those collar bones)

6. the simplicity of this outfit makes it all the more hot


5. siiiiiiiiilver surrrrffffferrr


4. Met Gala Machina (2016’s theme was Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology, so the metallic, tin-man esque Balmain dress was the perfect showcase)

3. her GQ spread:


2. The VMAs





and honestly, these are just the smallest representation of the hot moments she had in 2016, and i’m hoping that 2017 will see her triumphant return to social media (and dear God i hope it’s a nude selfie)


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